Release the Spyce Episode 1: Is Eating the Spices The Same As Releasing The Spyce?

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Let’s not even ask whether or not we’re confusing herbs with spices as I’m sure there was some cross over at some point in this opening episode of Release the Spyce. Anyway, I didn’t have much in the way of expectations going into this which is probably good considering it is fairly average in most regards, but it was still a pretty fun watch and worth another couple of episodes.

The episode starts with an all girl team infiltrating a high security facility with way too much ease, however when they go to leave they are suddenly surrounded by robots. A munch on some spices later and the girls go to town with a nice array of weaponry and destroy the robots, the one guy who runs in to stop them, and then they head on their way. However, they notice a girl on the other side of the river who can amazing see them. Its a fun and energetic opening though fairly standard in its execution and only the fast pace, music and bright colours are really keeping the energy going, but that’s actually enough.

Release the Spyce - Episode 1 - Momo

Jump to the next day and we meet Momo, our pink haired shy girl who wants to be a police officer but freezes in dangerous situations. She in high school of course and is about to make some new friends. She isn’t a great protagonist by any means but again the pacing and everything else in this show helps to keep things moving. I did do a double take when she just suddenly licked the girl she essentially just met and the other girl just kind of thought her sense of taste was good. Not exactly how you should react to being randomly licked but whatever.

Release the Spyce Episode 1

Anyway, Momo has great eye-sight, smell and taste and apparently that’s going to be helpful so she’s recruited into a super secret group that have been around since forever and are fighting some evil organisation (there was an exposition dump here but I kind of just nodded a long and all the names). As always, you would have to wonder how effective they actually are if they haven’t won after all this time, but cool we have our protagonists who have some villains to fight and in the mean time we have some reasonably energetic fight sequences of girls versus robots. We can go with this for a little bit.

Release the Spyce Episode 1

The post credits reveal from the villains isn’t exactly unexpected but it does give us something to look forward to in the coming episodes.

All and all, not great but fairly easy viewing if you are into this kind of story.

18 thoughts on “Release the Spyce Episode 1: Is Eating the Spices The Same As Releasing The Spyce?

  1. I’m playing catch up and I had to just admit to myself this show is just not for me. I think I was hoping for something Princess Principal ish, but it was made clear this is not a show that is going to stand out much at all.

    1. Yep, this one has been pretty average. Episodes 1 and 2 were fun and all but nothing to be all that excited about. That’s okay though, plenty of other shows this season.

  2. Apart from the licking scene this was decent enough to pass the time. I usually have at least one female led moe show in my seasonal watch list and this looks to be this seasons, as long as the stories hold up, the characters develop and the action is fun. 🙂

  3. Want to hear something funny? This was the show that I was actually looking forward to before the season had started and just about the only anime that I was sure to be watching: and….I totally forgot about it. But just as well really as it’s not available for me 😢

    1. This one came out on HiDive for me. This one could end up okay or could end up pretty generic and ordinary. I’m actually keeping a weekly ranking of episodes this season to try and make my best and worst of the season posts based on more than my immediate reaction to the ending and this one ended up pretty much dead in the middle of the pack.

      1. Okay, that is a pretty cool system 😊😊 And not such a bad idea either. It’s a nice way to keep track of things😀 Will be interesting to see how that will end up at the end of the season 😀
        Totally unrelated question, but I’m currently watching a anime called Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom. And I’m absolutely loving it. Was wondering if you might have seen it as well 😊

        1. I loved that. I have that one on DVD because an online store in Australia was throwing the DVD’s out super cheap so I picked it up without having known much about it but I ended up really enjoying it.

          1. Yeah, the last day of a vacation is always one of those days where you end up not doing a lot and just try to make the most of your day. So I was browsing through the crunchyroll line up, and I came across this series by pure chance. Have really enjoyed it so far 😊😊(Lol…and of course I should have known that you knew of this show and have watched it 😂😂).

          2. I actually wouldn’t have known about it without that DVD sale. I’d never heard anything about it and I don’t think I’ve ever come across a review of it.

          3. Well…I guess I can let you in on a little secret. My browsing through the crunchyroll line up yesterday also had another ulterior motive. I want to try something new with my blog, and cover some anime shows that I have never come across before, and people might hardly know about. Not sure exactly yet how I am going to call this new segment, but that’s the plan anyway 😊 So this will be the first show for that 😉 (Shhh…it’s still a secret 🤫😊).

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