Reflections on February

There is no doubt that February was a great month for my blog. The number of visitors to the blog increased (though views went down a bit). I also gained some new followers, found some new blogs to read, and had a great time writing posts.

The real world wasn’t so kind in February and between work and some health issues (nothing serious, just annoying) as well as life in general I’ve really had my work cut out for me finding time to look at ways to build on my blog. My routine for my three posts a day is fine, and I’m not struggling with that as it is just kind of what I do, but I really do want to look at a wider range of content.

Off and on during the month I’ve been playing with audio and video but as I just haven’t had enough time to consistently work on this nothing much is actually being created and to be honest the quality stinks so probably nothing along these lines coming out any time soon. That said, there are lots of ideas I’m kicking around at the moment and eventually I’ll produce something along these lines.

On that note, I’ve been really thinking about my patreon site and what I can offer there to try to encourage more supporters and to actually make it worth their while. I still don’t know what the long term answer is at this point but in the short term I’ve created a small anime challenge for March.

Anime Challenge 1 copy copy.jpg

It’s a simple thing but if anyone wants to try it they are welcome to. However, given this isn’t a part of my normal blog schedule I am going to be posting my 7 responses on my patreon site for patrons only between Sunday 5/3 and Saturday 11/3.

Not sure about the idea yet and whether it is worthwhile repeating a similar thing next month or not but I’ll see how it goes this month and certainly listen to any comments followers of my blog have or patrons reading the posts. Then I’ll think about what I can do in April.

As to the blog itself my features did quite well this month with the two Valentine specials getting quite a lot of views. On Romance in Anime and On Bad Romance in Anime both got quite a few comments and it was great to really engage with readers. And of course, the Yuri On Ice review came out on Valentine’s Day though I think with the OWLS tour going on during February and the thousand other Yuri posts, people might finally be hitting their saturation point for Yuri.

That said, I am only a little bit out from my one year anniversary on my blog (by a little bit out I mean 2 months given the anniversary is May 1). I’d like to do something to mark the occasion and I’m kind of wanting to work with my followers on this a bit. Basically if you follow my blog and you’d like to participate (by participate I mean write approximately 100 words about anime, why you like it in general or why you follow my blog) let me know through my contact. I know it is 2 months away, but life happens fast and it is always good to have some advance notice of things.

As always, I’d like to thank my followers and particularly my readers who regularly take the time to comment.If you ever have any suggestions or ideas for the blog please let me know. March is going to be another great month so let’s get into it.

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9 thoughts on “Reflections on February

  1. I just looked at the amount of followers now, and you are almost at the 1000 mark…seriously that is an incredibly impressive achievement. Your blog is awesome, and I always enjoy sharing thoughts on reviews. As D mentioned above, I myself have probably mentioned that quite a few times myself lol. Keep up this great blog of yours…I will continue to follow it for hopefully many more years to come 😊

    1. Thanks. I really appreaciate your comments and hearing your thoughts about the shows. I’m kind of hoping I hit the 1000 before the 1 year mark. I think that would be a really nice landmark. It certainly wasn’t something I was expecting back when I started the blog last year and was just kind of hoping someone might read a post occasionally.

  2. Congrats on the success last month! Sadly real life has been about as kind to me than you, if not less so. Hopefully the rest of our first years here will be kinder!

  3. Congratulations on the almost-anniversary. I’m impressed (and excited) to hear that you’re exploring ways to expand your blog. It’s already amazing and I’m sure whatever you do will be great.

    It’s always fun to engage with you but I think I’ve already said that at some point.

    1. Thanks D. Unfortuantely at the moment all plans are very long term plans due to time restrictions but I’ll keep working away at things in the background and maybe I’ll get where I’d like to be.

    1. Visitors are unique viewers. So a single visitor may view 3 or 4 posts pushing up your view count but not your visitor count. Or at least that’s the explanation I found when I went looking for what the stats meant.

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