Recovery of an MMO Junkie OVA (Episode 11)



Recovery of an MMO Junkie didn’t really need this episode and clearly it was aware of it. So rather than pretend to be an 11 episode series, they released this two part add on as an OVA and to be honest that made it easier to swallow. Basically, Morioka and Sakurai are charming and they continue to be charming here but it adds absolutely nothing to the series and is merely a chance to spend more time with two characters you may have made a connection with if you liked the show.


The one thing it did contribute was to give a sense of the couple as they become a little more couple-like even if they are moving forward in tiny little steps. Sakurai offers to help Morioka build a computer after her hard drive dies and the two spend a pleasant day together giving the computer a test spin as they go on a quest online.


This is followed by a semi-nonsense plot that is a dream sequence and seems to exist only to bring all the support cast into the story in some way. There’s certainly fun to be had here but really it is all just a bit pointless.

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6 thoughts on “Recovery of an MMO Junkie OVA (Episode 11)

  1. IIRC, this episode is a DVD special that was also streamed – basically an OVA rather than an episode. That being said, other than the “accidental pervert” moment in the first segment it was cute as h*ll.

  2. Seeing them as a couple don’t something together was really important to me. Without it the series felt a little incomplete so I enjoyed the OVA. I also found it pretty funny as a bonus (the dummy second half).

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