Recovery of an MMO Junkie Episode 9: Bringing it Together



After a handful of needless plot complications, MMO Junkie gets back to doing what it did well in the beginning, which is to say there were so many moments this week where I could really understand Morioka.


Given this show is apparently only 10 episodes long, as a second last episode this is pretty satisfying. Sakurai and Morioka now know who they are online and are coming to terms with that, though it is happening in their usual manner which means that for every step forward or actual act that seems assertive they then fall back three steps as they second guess themselves and how their action might be perceived. These two are genuinely perfect for each other and it will be nice when they finally realise that.


However, what I continue to love about this show is that the characters aren’t teenagers and they respond to situations with a little bit more wisdom and life experience (even as they also continue to make stupid assumptions and jump to conclusions). They’ve kind of nailed what it means for those of us who are just faking adulting and hoping no one ever catches us at it.


I really like Morioka and Sakurai as characters and I look forward to seeing the conclusion to their story.

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Karandi James.


6 thoughts on “Recovery of an MMO Junkie Episode 9: Bringing it Together

    1. I know. I still don’t like Koiwai as a character but it is obvious now that his earlier actions were trying to get Sakurai to act rather than just to mess with him (though being Koiwai he probably enjoyed messing with him at the same time). I doubt Sakurai and Morioka will ever figure it out given how dense they both seem to be sometimes, but maybe he’ll tell them in the final episode.

      1. Koiwai is a jerk, granted… But I think they did us a favor by making his actual role and intentions clear rather than leaving that sword of Damocles hanging for the finale.

        1. Oh yes. It is good that we now aren’t just hoping he is trying to help but it is clear that was his intention all along. Now we just have to sought out Morioka and Sakurai in the final episode and I’m really looking forward to that.

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