Recovery of an MMO Junkie Episode 8: We’re Stretching The Plot



One of the main criticisms I’ve seen of this show is the over reliance on coincidence. Previously, I’ve noted this show does have a lot of coincidences and things happening for the sake of plot convenience but it hadn’t really been to the detriment of my enjoyment, until episode 8 happened. This week we see a whole range of plot stretching devices employed. When the series is already only 10 episodes long, these delaying tactics don’t really speak well for the overall narrative even if the characters remain pretty adorable to watch.


Firstly, we got an entirely unnecessary and pretty dull recap of the last seven episodes. At least it wasn’t a full recap episode, but this segment was entirely without merit. It added nothing to the viewing experience providing no further insight or observations that weren’t already blindingly obvious and merely recapped events that have taken place over the last seven episodes. It isn’t exactly a long running show. This was needless.


We then get a Sakurai real world flash back. This could arguably actually have been interesting but sandwiched as it was in a fairly mediocre episode it just kind of fell flat. I don’t think I learned any more about Sakurai. Yes, we now know specifically why he plays MMO’s but really we could have more or less figured that out from his actions prior to now anyway.


Finally, we got the phone going flat mid-call scene that nearly saw me snap. If Sakurai hadn’t spoken to Morioka and told her that he was Lily by the end of the episode I may have rage quit this show two episodes from the end. That was a straight up delay tactic for no other reason than to extend the run time. Okay, maybe they were just trying to time the reveal for the end of the episode, but that doesn’t excuse a lame plot contrivance like that.

This is the first week where this show has really failed to be enjoyable for me and I hope it isn’t a sign of how the series will end.

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4 thoughts on “Recovery of an MMO Junkie Episode 8: We’re Stretching The Plot

  1. definitely agree on the convenience point. i dont mind the coincidental identities of sakurai and moriko in the current game, but pushing it into a previous game as well just seems ridiculous. two completely unrelated people can fall in love…it doesnt have to be destiny.

    was pretty upset about the summary too…no idea why that’s needed in a 10-episode series

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