Recovery of an MMO Junkie Episode 7: Sakurai’s Hesitation



I know some people will hate this episode and just want to swat Sakurai for being spineless, and yet for me this was a fantastic episode. We see the story from Sakurai’s point of view and he knows what he wants but he is incredibly worried about all the things that can go wrong and so he is essentially becoming paralysed with indecision. Although, most would note that if he’d said something earlier the situation would never have gotten to this point as it is going to get more and more awkward to say something later.


The only downside of this episode was Koiwai. I get why he is needed from a plot point of view given he’s been the catalyst for every actual bit of progress in the story, but he’s a really annoying character. And introducing him into the game world didn’t help that impression given now he can be annoying online and in real life.


Still, this is close to the finish as it is a short season and I’m looking forward to seeing how it all resolves. I genuinely like both Morioka and Sakurai’s characters and I really hope we’re headed for a happy ending.


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8 thoughts on “Recovery of an MMO Junkie Episode 7: Sakurai’s Hesitation

  1. I loved this episode. I think Yuta is adorable in how cautious he’s being towards Morioka and Koiwai joining the MMO community is a hilarious wrench in the gears. He’s like a tornado. He walks in, messes **** up and then waltzes out like it’s no biggie. I don’t think the show has done any characters a disservice yet, which is good. It’s got good balance and this is now my second favorite show of the season (behind Magus’ Bride).

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