Recovery of an MMO Junkie Episode 6: What is Sakurai Doing?



So far this show had managed to avoid having characters act too stupidly with Sakurai figuring out fairly readily that with all those similarities Hayashi kind of had to be Morioka. I kind of appreciated that. And then we get this week where Sakurai has the perfect moment to fess up and tell how he knew she would be at the station for a date that wasn’t happening until the next day and instead he calls it a coincidence.


Although, this show does deserve points for taking six episodes before it made me want to scream at one of the characters. Despite that, I still actually really like Sakurai as a character and kind of hope he fesses up next week (though it seems likely now they will drag this out until the end – which isn’t that far away because isn’t this only ten episodes?).


Koiwai continues to push both Morioka and Sakurai’s buttons and I’m convinced now he is just trying to help them out, while having a bit of fun. What I haven’t figured out is whether he actually plays the game with them yet. I don’t think so, but who knows.


Very little time is spent in game this week and to be honest, that is to the show’s advantage as the real world drama is far more interesting at this point in time and punctuating it with small snippets from the game world just works so much better than spending half an episode with the characters playing the game rather than dealing with their real world issues. This show remains fun and charming and while I really did want to shake Sakurai this week I’m still hoping for a happy outcome for him.

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6 thoughts on “Recovery of an MMO Junkie Episode 6: What is Sakurai Doing?

  1. Kowaii creeps me out…

    Oishi, NAICT, there’s only one other character (the conbini guy/guild leader) whose identity has been positively disclosed and linked to an onscreen character. Others have talked about their IRL identities, but we haven’t been shown them.

  2. I don’t think Kowai is a character from the game. Not from the guild at least. The only character whose real identity hasn’t been disclosed is Pokotarou and wasn’t Pokotarou online when Morioka and Kowai went on a date?

    1. That would be a brilliant fake-out though! I hadn’t thought much on that so far, but most of the characters do seem to try and keep their avatars from reflecting the real them. Even if just in age or gender or in Pokotarou’s case size maybe? (Going by the intro animation)

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