Recovery of an MMO Junkie Episode 2: Adorable in its use of Cliche



This episode continues with Hayato and Lily getting closer in the game but also brings Moriko and Sakura together in real life in a fantastically contrived and gloriously anime cliché moment as they quite literally collide. I think because the show isn’t actually asking me to take this seriously it is easier to swallow because so far mostly I’m just finding the two of them adorable.


Inside the game we get the usual caution of not sharing personal information and some more netiquette about not asking but to be honest the MMO part of this story has thus far been the weakest. The story works best when focussing on the characters and their genuine interactions whether that be online or now in the real world.


As a side note I am starting to feel like anime is aiming to give people in their 30’s a complex given how often characters of this age are dismissed as old. Anyway, I enjoyed this. It isn’t great and it isn’t doing anything new but it is cute enough and fun enough that I’m going on to the next episode.

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8 thoughts on “Recovery of an MMO Junkie Episode 2: Adorable in its use of Cliche

  1. It helps that none of the characters are annoying in anyway. Also, the synopsis about the shocking encounter makes more sense now. 😂

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