Recovery of an MMO Junkie Episode 10: And They Lived Happily Ever After



And we come to the end of following these adorable dorks as they slowly stumble their way toward a relationship. It has been a great ride and this final episode tightens its focus around Morioka and Sakurai so while the other characters (both real life and MMO) make brief appearances, the majority of this episode is the Morioka and Sakurai show and that is for the better.


It is kind of amusing to think about these two dating long term as I’m sure they are going to spend many evenings apologising to one another over nothing and then apologising for apologising. Still, the two of them continue to be so cute together and I really do want them both to be happy so I think we had a lot of decent progress in this episode to set up a happily ever after even if not everything is fully wrapped up.


Part of what bothered me was that they still denied they were going on a date to Koiwai at the end. Morioka’s mental monologue about taking a step forward was kind of undermined by that sequence as it leaves you wondering if these two will ever just admit they like each other. I’m not disliking the fact that they haven’t kissed or anything like that, but just accepting that they are dating would have been a nice ending here.

All things considered, this has been fun. It isn’t groundbreaking or astounding but it was definitely a good time and I look forward to writing my series review of it.

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