Record of Grancrest War Episode 8: People Show A Startling Lack of Reason Of Good Judgement



He loves her, she loves him, let’s pine away in our alliances and be miserable despite the fact that it won’t actually help anyone forevermore. I really do wonder what the purpose is of Marine and Alexis playing the tragic lovers separated by war or even why the war continues given literally no one seems to want it or has anything to gain by it at this point.

“They asked for peace.”

“Guess that means we have to attack.”

That seems to be the closes thing to a rationale anyone is operating on in this story.


We do however get a gag inducing view of the romance between Alexis and Marine before their father’s were killed at the wedding. And certainly that does point to a conspiracy brewing somewhere in one of their alliances and yet there really doesn’t seem to be any practical reason why they couldn’t have gritted their teeth, had a sensible mourning period and then pursued the peace the father’s lost their lives trying to create by actually doing what they want to do and get married.


Anyway, we then got to listen the the alliance babble at us about the justification for Theo’s war and then they elected a new leader which didn’t go as well as Alexis had planned so it seems for sure that bad things are going to ahppen and in the chaos Theo is going to rise up again. As to what Theo was doing this week… Not much. He was reduced to exposition boy and then they cut to another scene while he was filling the alliance in on stuff the audience already knew.

I’m guessing I’m not alone in saying that this show is quite frustrating at this point in time.

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Karandi James


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27 thoughts on “Record of Grancrest War Episode 8: People Show A Startling Lack of Reason Of Good Judgement

  1. I just watch for the laughs and predictability now (more for laughs though), and to think the brain child of this series created the best fantasy anime record of lodoss and rune soldier.

    1. I’m finding it fairly unpredictable because it doesn’t seem to be following any kind of coherent story plan. Stuff just kind of keeps happening and I’m still confused as to whether I’m supposed to be caring about the vampire.

      1. You could see Siluca liking Theo a mile off. Same with Margaret and Villar. Yeah, the vampire was more or less the monster of the week. Nothing after. The only interesting one is Mizart, that desert guy. He shows complexity.

        1. The characters are predictable. The plot has been more challenging because they aren’t fleshing anything out and are dot pointing the story. It means it takes unexpected turns as they don’t try and develop the ideas you were just watching but move onto something new pretty much every episode.

          1. They can dot point the story much as they want, it will lead to three things. The point will be forgotten about. And even if the point(s) was remembered, will it even have the effect it wants – most likey not. Not only that, the chances of it being rushed is pretty high. After watching Asterisks war from A1-pictures. I really don’t have expectations.

  2. Actual question: How are you able to continue watching this? Pressing the watch button has become so painful for me I dropped it at episode 5, so I’m not sure how exactly you find the momentum to carry on…

    1. Well, other than Death March I don’t really have another real fantasy on my watch list (and Death March is isekai and pretty dreadful), so if I drop this I’m left without any fantasy. Tragically, that will keep me watching until the end no matter how bad it gets.

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