Record of Grancrest War Episode 7: Loyalty Is Quite Cheap In This Show



I have to wonder what the Lord’s definition of loyalty is on this show given the number of them that seem to switch sides or pledge loyalty to Theo at the drop of a hat. It kind of makes the whole swearing an oath thing more or less pointless when they can swap masters if someone more impressive comes along. Not that Theo was all that impressive but I guess his naivety was refreshing at least.


On the brighter side, we finally got back to the whole failed marriage thing from episode one. I had to assume that the wedding failing was significant but no-one really seemed to bring it up in the six episodes in-between so finally running into someone who actually wanted to mention it and point out that they actually wanted to still get married in the hope of bringing peace was kind of refreshing, even if it seems highly unlikely at this particular point in time.


Realistically, it seems like sooner or later everyone Theo has met is going to give him their crest and that doesn’t exactly sit well with me. As nice a guy as Theo is, he really isn’t leadership material and has done nothing in the past seven episodes to convince me otherwise. Still, I guess we’ll see what this story delivers now that someone has tried and failed to assassinate Theo and the guy they call the White Prince.

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29 thoughts on “Record of Grancrest War Episode 7: Loyalty Is Quite Cheap In This Show

    1. It would be nice if this idea was explored given when Theo attempted to switch sides, an army came after him, and yet this lord just says, okay, I’ll go to your side and that seems to be it.

    1. This show is frustrating me because I keep wanting it to be good but it just isn’t.
      As for the post titles, I’m noticing a trend in all the shows now that I’m putting them together at the end of posts. I can definitely tell which shows I am enjoying and which ones are just kind of on my watch list.

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