Record of Grancrest War Episode 6: A Dance and A Battle



I am genuinely struggling to figure out if last week’s episode served any purpose at all given we’ve moved right back into serving Lord Villar and now the characters are back to taking out opposing Lords on their way to a meeting. Did the vampires and werewolves and the forest serve a purpose? Is that purpose likely to ever become clear?


Mirza is fast becoming my least favourite character of the season as I kind of get what they are going for as he points out the flaws of Theo (which is something that needed to happen) and he takes a different approach to the situation and that could be a nice contrast. Yet, basically he comes off as a real jerk and later on, if they want me to try to reconcile with this character, that probably won’t be possible. Though it seems more likely that this guy is going to end up actually opposing Theo at some point.


Which brings us to the end of the episode where we see them mount up and ride out on their way to claiming more territories before attending a meeting with the incredibly throw away reason that Siluca doesn’t like boats. Theo goes to face one guy while Mirza storms a castle all by himself. It was kind of like Theo’s first castle claim only better and yet more obnoxious.

Anyway, I guess we’ll see how Theo and Siluca approach their target next week. Or maybe we’ll be back with the werewolves. Who knows at this point?

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    1. I do get what they are going for with Mirza, but he is really just coming off as a jerk and I really, really want the plot to squish him soon.

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