Record of Grancrest War Episode 3: Do You Suppose We’ll Ever Know Everything A Crest Can Do?



Well the story tackled head on what was possibly the biggest issue. Siluca is called out on the fact that she seems to be calling the shots and she realises that for Theo to be the leader he actually needs to be the leader. That said, he’s happy to take on her plan as while he had a goal he never really thought about the reality of how to accomplish it. These two characters coming together just work so well and complement each others’ strengths and weaknesses.

Once we get through that part there’s a random monster fight in this episode (oh and they introduce some priestess from a church though I’m guessing that will get explained properly later). The monster fight kind of bothered me at first because I didn’t see the point but then I kind of realised we needed a reason to believe that the people living in the village would offer to fight another army with Theo so it kind of made sense.


And then we had some bigwig who didn’t really appreciate Theo gaining power or control over any land in the region raise an army against him. At first no one but the villagers show up and Theor produces a flag which makes them all glow for a little but it isn’t really clear what that does (something about protection) and I’m really hoping that the crests get a better explanation. So far they just kind of do whatever Siluca says they do in an episode. This is probably the part I’m most concerned about with this story now because if they don’t properly explain there will be a point later in the series where they will randomly pull a new power out of the crest just to solve a problem and it will really annoy me. Still, the flag was pretty, but it kind of reminded me of Fairy Tail.


Anyway, despite the few minor things this remained your fairly standard fantasy with a little bit of magic and action mixed in. So for fantasy fans this remains a pleasant watch. Why Siluca is still wearing an outfit she apparently hated, I don’t know.

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28 thoughts on “Record of Grancrest War Episode 3: Do You Suppose We’ll Ever Know Everything A Crest Can Do?

  1. That’s the problem with adaptation. Sometimes the info is only found in the source material. Like what the crest does, from what I read the crest give super power (lol) and mean nobility, which is kind of logical since family crest where meant to show who and what belong to which royal/noble family. If I dig a little bit more pretty sure I could find more information.
    Hopefully we will get more information.

  2. I can’t stop laughing while reading this because you’re right on point about everything. This series is so laughable.

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