Record of Grancrest War Episode 23: The Final Battle?


The newly united army under Emperor Theo marches on Eramu and so the Mages throw a giant cyclops at them? Right, totally saw that coming.


Before getting into the silliness that is the plot development one episode from the end of this series, I’d like a take a moment to discuss how truly ugly this episode was. Given a lot of the run time was given over to the fairly small scale battle of Lassic and his couple of trusted helpers (who I think we’ve seen once before, maybe twice) taking on the cyclops without the aid of the army for reasons, I’m kind of thinking this sequence needed a lot more polish. However, I’m also thinking Lassic wishes he was a protagonist really because there’s no other excuse for it. He didn’t even manage to gloriously die which might have at least made it vaguely worth the while.

Seriously, Lassic has never looked this bad. What was going on with this episode?

However, outside of random monster killing, we then get all the different groups working together to break through the gates of the city while no mages actually attack them. Why not? Don’t really know. Why is that girl suddenly having orgasms at the sound of cannons like she’s Rory Mercury? Really don’t know. Is there any reason we need a circus troop climbing sequence? Not really.

This is another case of don’t think too hard. It’s just going to hurt.


Finally, Theo gets ready to do something other than making grandiose sounding speeches about why it is noble and all to let his friends go get killed for their honour or something, and just as he takes a step, he and his little band of friends get whisked away to the forest by the Vampire King from like episode 4 or 5 who has done more or less nothing since then other than a couple of cameo appearances. And I still don’t even know why vampires exist in this world or story.

There’s only one more episode. We can get to the end of this. It will be fine and then it will be finished.

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