Record of Grancrest War Episode 2: Some Nice Touches This Week



It is amazing how when you are expecting bare mediocrity that an episode that is still only passingly better can leave such a good impression. I read some fairly negative reviews of this second episode prior to viewing it so my already low expectations for this sank lower before I’d even started which left me happily watching what is certainly an average anime but it fits one of my favourite genres and I continue to like the cast sufficiently that I’m probably going to enjoy the ride this is taking us on.


Theo, this week, is coming to terms with the sudden advancement thrust upon him after meeting Siluca. His own ambitions never rose all that high and he is quite out of his depth and seems happy to be led by her on some matters. Yet, he also isn’t a doormat. Despite sitting out of the early stage of the battle, he kept a keen eye on events and knew when it was time to make a move. His actions turned the tide of the fight so while Siluca is certainly running the grand plan Theo is not going to just passively wait for her to hand him a kingdom on a silver platter. Nor do I think he’ll let her go too crazy before he puts his foot down should she try it.


Siluca on the other hand is very adept at avoiding giving straight answers. She isn’t lying about her motives but she also isn’t revealing everything and I’m pretty sure Theo knows it. Still, we see Siluca making plans, calling for allies, and actively fighting in the battle, and she’s quite an enjoyable character. She certainly has personality. That’s probably what this show has done best. Even the fairly minor character with the future king of the Cait Sith’s showed us that he knows exactly what his personality should be.


We’re also introduced to an old ally of Siluca who certainly holds her own on the battlefield and I really liked an exchange between her and one of the soldiers on the opposing side. Mostly because it showed that not every leader/soldier that fights Theo is a mindless thug. I kind of hope that character shows up again, but it was a pretty minor role so maybe not.


All and all, this episode isn’t going to do much for non-fantasy fans or people wanting an in-depth story. But it works well enough and the conclusion of the battle is satisfying enough. If you also happen to like the characters you could genuinely have a good time watching this.

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25 thoughts on “Record of Grancrest War Episode 2: Some Nice Touches This Week

  1. Remember how I was saying that I might add a 5th show to the ones that I am already watching? This is that show. It really is tempting, but as I said I really am worried about not being able to keep up. The show does sound very interesting though 😀

    1. Think of it this way, the worst that will happen if you’ll put it on hold in a couple of weeks because you’ve fallen behind and don’t have time for a catch up. Either that or one of the shows you are watching will end up being really boring and you at least have a back up.

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