Record of Grancrest War Episode 18: That Was Almost Playing Dirty


After the events of the past few episodes, Theo and Siluca have returned to centre stage though I’m wondering when Theo became that manipulative.

There’s something oddly disturbing about this image.

The whole way through this series Theo, when he’s been involved at all, has been the ‘good guy’. The one who puts himself in harms way to protect others, who doesn’t willingly sacrifice those around him, who feels genuine pain when those near him are hurt. And then we get to this episode. I guess we could argue that the war hardened Theo who has finally realised that he won’t accomplish his goals without getting his hands a little dirty has finally stepped up into the world of politics, but that doesn’t ring very true. Theo actually already accomplished his goal and could easily at this stage simply step aside and run his island. Very few people would care or try and stop him.


So what is going on Theo? This episode he finally takes control of the treaty and declares them separate from the union creating a third faction. The argument is that they are trying to force a stalemate but that only works if they can get Alexis to rally the union and we all know Alexis is pretty useless except at writing poetry. Enter Theo the manipulator. He literally uses Alexis’ emotions and attachment to Marrine against him to push him into taking rash action. Admittedly, it only works because Alexis has the emotional maturity of a turnip (and seriously, Marrine was probably better of with Milza and that’s saying something), but at the same time, Theo the moralising and noble leader has just sent that immature lord out with an army to fight and he has to have done so knowing there’s a good chance Alexis is going to get himself killed. How does Theo reconcile that within himself?


I guess we’ll find out but from Theo’s expression it doesn’t look like he’s intending to lose a lot of sleep over it. As long as he gets to take Siluca away at the end of it all, I think Theo’s more or less in a ‘do whatever it takes’ mode. Though, will Siluca still be by his side if he gets too underhanded?


And while we’re on it, how many death flags did Siluca raise in one conversation with Theo. Seriously, is she wanting to be the tragic sacrifice right before they manage to get peace? Though, I’m seeing it play out with Alexis falling to Marrine, Theo taking out Marrine, then Theo having some confrontation with the pope who is apparently important again in this story for whatever reason, before Theo uses all the crests to banish chaos and probably dies in the process (unless Siluca throws herself under the bus for him). It’s a good theory, though this anime has a history of not really being logical so we’ll see what it decides to do next.

In the meantime, I’d love to know your theory about how this is going to play out. Even if that includes the loli werewolf maids suddenly seizing power, because that would be a cool twist.

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14 thoughts on “Record of Grancrest War Episode 18: That Was Almost Playing Dirty

  1. Yeahhh Theo has reeaaallly started to make his own decisions as of the last 5 or so episodes. I guess we can assume that’s supposed to mean he’s maturing or finally accepting his role or whatever.

    I’m not entirely worried about him and/or Siluca yet, but I wasn’t expecting the first fall of Castle Unicorn to be as chaotic as it was so maybe I’m just keeping my expectations reigned it.

    1. The first fall of Castle Unicorn definitely took a bigger toll than expected. Then again, I never expected Villar to just stay there and wait to be surrounded.

        1. It was definitely a cool if unnecessary death. I still don’t understand how honour and whatever works in the world of Grancrest given the characters just seem to make really random decisions sometimes.

          1. Yea. I think the Mages, in particular, are rather suicidal. Milza’s dude offed himself, Margaret chose to die with Villar, the other blond chick tried to poison herself after the castle fell the first time. I don’t think Siluca is quite there yet, but if we look to just about all of the others as precedent, it really wouldn’t be that abnormal.

            At the end of the day though, isn’t a large part of what people do making emotional decisions based on who they like and who they dont?

          2. That is an interesting point. The mages really are even more suicidal than the rest of the cast. Now I want to try to figure out why they seem so emotionally dependent given they don’t seem to have a huge amount of say in who they end up contracted to.
            Thanks for that.

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