Record of Grancrest War Episode 15: Right, So Now Theo Has To Kill Milza and Become King?


I’m not sure when Theo’s goal changed to protecting the alliance, defeating Milza and, given the path he’s on, become King, but it seems like that is where this anime intends to go. Are you still following this journey or have you bailed?


I don’t know when it was ever suggested that Yana might be the witch who started things off but in the grand tradition of how Grancrest likes to tell a story, once Siluca states this even though there is no evidence or link made about how this was determined other than a demon was summoned and Yana can summon demons, the characters take it as a conclusion and the Mages attempt to burn her at the stake. Guys, there is a far easier way to kill someone and it wouldn’t let her have her final hurrah.


Theo then returns to the mainland, has some time with his boy Lassic, then announces he’s going to kill Milza. Because announcing your intentions to raise an army and kill someone is a great start. It means you really get the benefit of surprise.


The one thing working in Theo’s favour is that Milza has not taken him seriously as a threat. Every other character in the show seems to be, but Milza is utterly dismissive and so Theo actually manages to get back into his old fortress in the forest and is preparing for the coming battle before Milza actually begins to react. Still not sure how any of this fits in with Theo’s original goal but at least they kind of linked it back to the original tragedy so I guess that’s cohesion.

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15 thoughts on “Record of Grancrest War Episode 15: Right, So Now Theo Has To Kill Milza and Become King?

  1. “Are you still following this journey or have you bailed?”

    Yep, still following! I’m fine with Theo’s change of vision. I attribute it to Siluca and David’s influence. Why stop at ruling Sicily — I mean Sistina! — when you can rule the continent? And let’s be honest: the continent needs much better ruling!

    I agree with you on the burning at the stake thing. That says a lot about how civilized the Mage Academy really is. It’s a shame about Yana/Jana, too. She’s one of those characters who could have been tragically pitiable if we’d had more time to get to know her. Though I still enjoy the show I’m not blind to its pacing issues.

    Is your objection to the werewolf maids based on them as maids? Irvin aside, it _does_ seem odd that two highly effective members of your special forces are doing housework. Though maybe it’s a cultural thing? Like chop wood, carry water? Not sure clean house, chomp enemies has quite the ring to it…

    1. They just don’t fit with the rest of the show. I’m still not sure why we needed werewolves at all, let alone why we needed teen female wolves in maid costumes.
      Then again, the anime has so many inconsistencies at this point, being worried about random supernatural maids is probably not that big an issue.

  2. I watched this episode, but I may drop it after this. I don’t buy that the witch was the cause of the Great Hall event, but if she is…. that’s seriously weak. Everything about this show has become sloppy and feels like the writers are just making shit up each week and seeing what will stick.

    1. It has kind of felt like that for awhile. I feel they just draw random events out of a hat and then try to make it fit the plot somehow. That’s about the only explanation I can see for werewolf maids.

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