Record of Grancrest War Episode 14: If Theo Accomplished His Goal Does That Mean We’re Done?


Right, so we’re going to accomplish the protagonist’s main goal in two episodes as a side quest in this anime? Really?


You know Theo’s wondrous dream of liberating his home land from the evil rule of the Rossini’s and saving the people from the chaos? It was mentioned back in episode 1 and occasionally the anime remembered it was Theo’s goal. Well episode 13 and then this one solved that problem. Okay, not the issue of the chaos running rampant because other than one throw away scene we haven’t seen any sign of the chaos on the island, but the Rossini’s turned out to be pretty easy to crush with the witch and the assassin causing more problems than an entire army.


Not that I’ve come to expect anything else from this show at this point. But Theo has now accomplished his goal. In theory, he should be building his castle in that village and settling in to the actual task of administration and protecting the island. Instead, I’m pretty sure he’s going to go back to the continent and get involved in the fight there. I’m still unclear as to why anything going on there matters to this conflict and why this conflict matters over there but I’m just not going to ask. Better that way.

When did this become this sort of anime?

The one thing I appreciated this episode was that Theo has not suddenly become some sort of expert swordsman cutting down his enemies in the blink of an eye. While he might win the fight he isn’t above being underhanded and knows how to wait for his moment.

Otherwise it is pretty much business as usual with the plot falling apart and the characters acting illogically.

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15 thoughts on “Record of Grancrest War Episode 14: If Theo Accomplished His Goal Does That Mean We’re Done?

  1. The most disappointing part of all of it all for me is that this really could have been a good series, but the poor pacing absolutely cripples it. I mean, I assumed maybe 3 or 4 eps ago that liberating Sistina wasn’t going to take us all the way to the end of the series, but 2 EPISODES? Though, in defense of last arc (if we can call it one), I don’t find it thaaat unrealistic that he took the island so easily. Here’s why,

    – The Rossini’s seemed rather cozily in control of that tiny island; they probably haven’t had to actually fight anyone in quite some time. My assumption is that they’ve ruled uncontested for so long because no other lords have cared enough about a tiny half-chaos-infused island to bother invading. The Rossini’s are likely as inexperienced in battle as they are arrogant.

    – Peasants aside, Theo’s army consists of multiple “special” units. He has what equates to a legendary warrior with Aishela, as well as two werewolves, a very skilled assassin, a healer, and a very powerful mage. The Rossini armies were assembled with a more typical mix of units like spearmen and sometimes cavalry. I used to play a lot of the Total War PC games back in the day. If we use those as a scale for reference, the special units are far more difficult to obtain and maintain (which is why most armies seem to only carry a few at a time), but are exponentially more dangerous than yr common soldier guy. This is to say, if commanded properly, Theo’s smaller force could still reasonably defeat the larger armies he’s often up against.

    1. That and he has protagonist plot armour. But you are right in that he has got quite a specialist team at this point in time.
      The 2 episode thing is just a joke given this was set up as the protagonist’s main goal. Really, if this had been just some random side-quest, fair enough. But when it is apparently the driving motivation of the main character there’s an issue.

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