Record of Grancrest War Episode 11: Does This Mean Theo Will Get Some Actual Screen Time?


We could walk away from this episode and say that at least they came to a dramatic conclusion on the Villar/Marrine thing before we went into the second cour of the anime. However, I think qualifiers like that tend to just try to dismiss the fact that this show hasn’t been very good and the announcement of an episode 11.5 next week where they can recap each illogical plot point we’ve endured will probably just highlight everything that has gone wrong with this series up until this point.


The other problem with celebrating a high point for the midway mark is that two characters that some of us actually liked were killed simply for the sake of cheap drama and an attempt to make the audience buy into the possibility that this show might actually take its war seriously at some point. I’m all for killing off a character when it makes some sort of significant impact however I don’t think Grancrest has the ability to make anything make an impact at this point.

People have been dying left and right from the beginning and they’ve seldom asked us to care, with many deaths being (possibly unintentionally) funny. While I liked Villar and Margaret, mostly they distracted from the couple I actually want to see (Theo and Siluca) and with the two of these characters finding their dramatic ending and last stand this week, it is possible we might even get an episode with Theo and Siluca appearing for more than three seconds given the last three episodes they’ve been pretty scarce (with longer appearances in the OP than the episodes).


And what is the message here? Being the only semi-rational person means you’re the first to be cut down when your psycho of a cousin who has essentially abandoned any kind of logic decides she wants to rule the world?

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