Record of Grancrest War Episode 10: And We’re Back To The Cliff-Notes Version of Epic Battles


This anime has a number of problems that have probably already been noted in my reviews at this point, but this week the biggest problem is pacing. Character after character steps up as the battle is being fought on so many different fronts all at once and half of these characters I’m not convinced we’ve seen them before or if we did they made no impact. It’s all very messy and confusing and the one battle we see through to the end is with a guy who introduces himself and his followers in the most knowing way possible furthering the idea that this show wishes it was a self-aware parody because at least then it could pretend the plot holes were deliberate.


Theo and Siluca both appear in this episode to raise an army to defend the forest territory but other than a few throw away scenes we see nothing of them and then at the end it is reported to Villar that they won that fight. We don’t see it. It has no impact. Not even really sure why they were under attack. Basically those two, despite being prominent in the opening theme have become little more than a side story and I guess once everyone else of note is dead these two will become important again but in the meantime this is a tragic downgrade for a lead character.


But Milza is back and attacking Villar but for some reason trying to fight on the sea. Given Milza is kind of a one man army you wouldn’t think he would put himself at the disadvantage of ocean warfare where technological innovations are enough to turn the tide of battle and hopefully he gives this up as a bad joke next week and lands somewhere so the fight can begin in earnest.

Of course, the end result is this show continues to be pretty messy, speeding through conflicts it doesn’t bother to explain with characters we barely know and all and all unless you just happen to really like exposition that fails to explain much followed by fight sequences that all seem a little lacking, there isn’t a lot of appeal in this show. Even Milza switching sides has failed to really make it interesting. There’s now just more blood getting splashed about.

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18 thoughts on “Record of Grancrest War Episode 10: And We’re Back To The Cliff-Notes Version of Epic Battles

  1. was it really always MiLza?? Anyways – great post title. I continue to think your titles for the series are the most accurate representation of it

    1. No idea. I thought it was Mirza, had that written down in one lot of notes/review. Then the next one it says Milza. I’m certain Crunchyroll changed their mind on the subs between one episode and the next but I don’t want to rewatch it enough to actually find out.

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