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Realist Hero Episode 3

What talents did the Realist Hero gather?

The end of episode 2 of Realist Hero left me wondering just who would answer such a recruitment drive and what sorts of talents would our protagonist, Souma, end up with? The answer it turns out is 5 individuals considered to have ‘exceptional’ talents outside of all the other people who answered and may have been given other roles or sent home.

Those talents?

Singing, eating, fighting, reading and talking to animals.

I’m not entirely convinced that this crack squad is going to be the silver bullet our realist hero actually needed to turn the kingdom around. Particularly when his main problems seemed to involve people being able to do the paper work that is piled up on his desk.

Not that each of these new characters are without merit. All of them could potentially contribute to the Kingdom in their own way but I’m not sure they solve Souma’s underlying issues.

Also, I’m kind of struggling to believe that the dark elves can’t somehow manage their own forest and need someone from an industrial nation to tell them how to maintain trees. Suspension of disbelief shattered a little bit on that point.

Somewhat more believable is Poncho’s nervousness given his talent is eating. Though to say that undermines the knowledge that he apparently also brings to the table. He isn’t just someone who eats a lot. He’s widely travelled and has vast knowledge of food from everywhere. That is a somewhat more valuable skillset then just being able to consume stuff.

Realist Hero - Poncho

As much as this episode ended up being an extended series of character introductions, I have to say each interaction was nice enough.

While I don’t buy the dark elf’s dilemma, she has the potential to be an entertaining addition to the cast. Likewise the singer who can memorise a song after hearing it once, even in a language she doesn’t understand, has a bit of potential.


But Poncho, Hakuya and the wolf girl (don’t remember her name) all left a pretty strong impression through their interactions with Souma in the second half of the episode of Realist Hero.

Realist Hero - Souma and Hakuya

There really isn’t a lot more to say about this episode. The various new cast members arrive, get an introduction each and we end with the wolf-girl telling Souma something that I’m sure will be significant on the next episode of Realist Hero.

A very watchable but fairly forgettable episode on its own and I guess it depends what these characters actually add to the show as to whether it was worthwhile.

Images from: How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom. Dir. T Watanabe. J.C.Staff. 2021

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