Re-post: Calling For Contributors for 100 Word Anime’s 2nd Anniversary Week


Update: Due to a possible work schedule conflict, I’m changing the date of the celebration. The anniversary will be celebrated slightly early from Tuesday 24th of April through to the Sunday the 29th of April. This is before the actual date (the 1st of May), however there is a very real chance I will be unable to access the blog during the actual anniversary week at this stage. This also means the cut-off date for submissions has been moved forward from April 22 to April 18.

Well, we are closing in on the 2nd Anniversary Week for 100 Word Anime – okay it is the first week of May so we have some time, but people need a lot of warning about these things. We’re all very busy and it isn’t as though we can just drop everything at the drop of a hat.

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Last year I celebrated my first blog anniversary and I asked for volunteers from my followers to get involved. I was kind of surprised people responded and then some of their responses to what they liked about my blog were pretty blush inducing but I was really happy and grateful that so many people I really admired wanted to be involved. So before calling for volunteers for 2018, I’d like to thank the volunteers from 2017 once again for being such amazing people and helping me to celebrate a major milestone for my blog.


This year I would very much like to feature some of my amazing followers once again, and so I am calling for contributions. Last year in addition to the follower features, I also had 6 days of What I Learned over the course of my first year blogging where I reflected on what was working and what wasn’t and what I needed to work on.

So for this year’s contribution, I’d like those who want to be involved to write 100 words in response to any of those 6 topics. I feel there is a wealth of knowledge out there by some bloggers who have been blogging far longer than me, or even new bloggers who just have a different view of things, and I’d really like to share that knowledge with the community.

The anniversary week will run from Tuesday May 1 through to Sunday May 6 Tuesday April 24 through to Sunday April 29 and will feature some reflective posts about the year that was my second year blogging, features of followers, some more lessons I’ve learned now that I’m in my second year, and will hopefully just celebrate how much fun this whole blogging thing is and how wonderful the community is.

If you are wanting to be involved, write up your response and send it to me via my contact on the blog including a link to your blog and one or two posts that you would like highlighted. Also, one or two images of your blog and avatar if you would like them included in the post (otherwise I will probably just screen-cap your home page to go with the post. Depending on the number of responses I may not be able to feature everyone but I will certainly try to include you if you respond and all respondents will be linked to in a thank-you post.

Deadline: I’m going to cut off responses at April 22nd April 18 as this will give me time to format and organise posts and to inform participants of the schedule and when their feature post is going to come out.

Thanks for reading.

Karandi James


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    1. Not a review. Just advice for bloggers about one of the topics. So about finding time, or scheduling, or what details to include in a post, etc. It doesn’t matter if you go over the 100 words. Almost everyone else has and I certainly do. It is just a base line serving suggestion rather than an actual target.

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