Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai Episode 2: When Life Makes You Disappear

Bunny Girl Senpai Episode 2

The weirdly compelling first episode of Bunny Girl Senpai turned out not to just be a fluke as episode 2 delves further into the weird mystery of Adolescent Syndrome and the growing relationship (not quite sure what relationship) between Sakuta and Mai. It’s a pretty fascinating journey so far even as it remain strictly low key. Characters don’t get hysterical even when they seem to be fading out of existence and even Sakuta only raised his voice once and that was to Mai’s mother, who probably had it coming even if not for the reason she got yelled at.

Bunny Girl Senpai Episode 2

That isn’t to say this episode is flawlessly executed. There’s the annoying girl from school, Tomoe who shows up mostly just to accuse Sakuta of being a paedophile just because he is trying to help a lost girl. It is a particularly unfunny moment and not assisted by the following sequence where she demands Sakuta kick her in return and they both get taken in by the police. It is one of those cases of the light novel source material shining loud and clear through the anime adaptation and you have to wonder if any of that sequence will ultimately mean anything in the long run.


Meanwhile, Mai’s situation is getting worse and it is interesting how the anime quietly deals with this. She becomes progressively more clingy to the protagonist and yet unlike so many other stories where the formerly strong girl suddenly clings to the random male protagonist, here it feels warranted given he is literally her life-line to the rest of the world, the one who believes her and reassures her that he will not forget her. I don’t actually feel that their relationship is romantic though they definitely seem to have some mutual respect for one another after their earlier fight is finally resolved.


I have to admit, I want to know why this is happening. I want to know how they might start fixing it. I want to see where these two characters go. I want to know what happened to the girl who helped Sakuta. I’m hooked on this show and while I might end up disappointed if the answers never come or end up being really incoherent, right now this is a show that I’m really excited for.

10 thoughts on “Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai Episode 2: When Life Makes You Disappear

  1. I am liking this show so far. (And, honestly, who amongst us hasn’t felt overlooked and forgotten at some point?)

  2. I wonder if this is actually a metaphor exploring the downside of people who enjoyed fame dropping out of the spotlight thus becoming invisible to those who once supported them, illustrating the fast turnover of celeb worship and cash cows for those in the business.

    That was my take after watching this episode anyway.

    1. That seems to be one potential angle, but then there’s the younger sister’s bullying issue and the mysterious scar on the protagonist, so I’m wondering what ties it all together.

      1. Perhaps this syndrome is relative to the person’s situation and we’ll delve deeper into the back stories of Sakuta and his sister later on to explain this?

        1. That’s what I was thinking, though its going to take some fancy explanation to make it make sense and I am wondering whether or not this will be what ultimately lets the show down. I’m hoping to pleasantly surprised.

  3. I completely agree with you😊 This show really is the surprise of the season for me. Like you I really want to see if they are going to resolve this and if so how? It might also become a really sad series where there is no solution. But we will see. Either way I love the relationship between the two. As you say it’s not a romantic relationship (Well not really or not yet..) but it’s a nice one. I can’t wait for next week!😊😊

    1. It definitely has a bit of a different feel to it and so far it is one I am really enjoying. I’m also just super interested in the mystery and I really hope it has some kind of satisfying explanation.

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