Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai Episode 1: Ignoring The Title, This One Seems Actually Interesting

Bunny Girl Senpai - Episode 1 - Mai Sakurajima and Sakuta Azusagawa

Okay, I know better than to judge an anime by its title given the nonsensical nature of most anime titles, or the ridiculously explicit plot summaries that pass as titles for some, and yet I will admit I had no real desire to try a show with Bunny Girl Senpai in its title. It just seemed, well, silly. That said, in the interest of actually deciding on a watch list I did give this one a spin and I’m actually kind of glad because this is the first definite add to my watch list for the season. While other shows I’m kind of thinking might work out and I’ll give them a few more episodes, this one has hooked me from the start and while it might end up disappointing, I’m already looking forward to more of it.


I have zero familiarity with the source on this one and no idea where it is going, but I kind of got a more subdued Haruhi Suzamiya tone from it, or a slightly more interesting Sagrada Reset. And that probably explains the basis of the show’s appeal to me. I kind of like this sort of story even though it isn’t done well very often.

Its an intriguing beginning with our dead-pan protagonist noticing a bunny girl wandering around a library and he knows she is his senpai from school and a child-actor who is on hiatus. We get some other bits of information about the protagonist such as the fact that he has a clingy little sister and that he doesn’t have many friends because of some sort of incident and then he gets into intruding in the senpai’s life to try to figure out what is going on.


Turns out there’s some rumoured Adolescent Syndrome which is only very vaguely explained here but most people don’t believe exists. Azusagawa, our protagonist, only believes in it because his sister and himself have some very visible scars from their own encounter with the condition. This makes him far more open to believing Sakurajima Mai might actually be disappearing from the sight of other people.

Not going to lie, there’s a lot of wandering around and talking in this first episode so if you are wanting action or a fast pace you should probably pass. Still, I really enjoyed this first episode and it seems to be the kind of story I really get into so I’m adding this one to my watch list for the season.

27 thoughts on “Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai Episode 1: Ignoring The Title, This One Seems Actually Interesting

    1. I will be interesting to see what the second episode does with this set up or whether we’re just going to pile on more mysteries for half the season.

  1. This is for sure the “Island” of this season, at least that was my take. It’s gonna suck the viewer in and ask more questions than it gives answers.

    Did anyone though

    1. (wow freaking misclicked, sorry)

      Anyway, Did anyone though feel like they were watching the start of some movie in the vein of “Garden State” where some down on his luck guy gets a better view on life cause of some girl? Cause that’s the vibe I was picking up.

      1. Not really the vibe I got. As I said, I got more of a Sagrada Reset or even a Haruhi Suzumiya vibe from it. Not quite like either of those but a similar kind of feel.

  2. I nearly didn’t pick this up because of the title but I’m glad I did. It seems to be have a curious spooky edge to it that the silly title not only belies but also undermines to its detriment, so I’m keen to see where it goes, just as long as it doesn’t become a harem (and I’m a sucker for bunny girls… 😉 ).

        1. I’ve got quite a few more this season I’m really kind of looking forward to and there’s already been a handful of first episodes I’ve really enjoyed. Though finding out Index was region locked kind of sucked. I was definitely looking forward to more of that.

          1. Yeah, seems like a lot of people are really hype for some shows. I heard the running one has ties to The Great Passage so I want to watch that, the Zombie show seems like a mixed bag but the Steins;Gate VA for Okabe is in it so I think I will watch just for that, That show with the girl that does the Shaft head tilt thing I also plan to check out because the Zero Escape guy apparently did some (or all?) writing for it, and Slime gets onto the scouting list simply because the source is supposed to be pretty solid.

            Past that I will obviously check out SAO and now this.

            Hmm, well I guess there is Double Decker or whatever it is called, that I’ll simuldub watch because apparently it is a followup to Tiger & Bunny.

            Guess that’s a lot of shows on paper but that’s only like 1 or 2 more than I watched last season. Still, nothing is calling out to me outside of SAO so I’m not overly hype at the moment.

          2. I’d definitely recommend checking out Goblin Slayer. I loved the light novel for that one and while it might be a dud I’m pretty hyped to watch it.

          3. Oh yes, I did hear some buzz around the LN. I will give that a shot unless that is one of the titles lost to HiDive. I know they got a few I was thinking about.

  3. I wasn’t sure about this one but I was curious I decided to watch somethings else that had a bunch of men running around in kimonos…. Not sure I made the right choice.

    1. It is definitely a slow burn kind of deal but it was interesting enough and made me genuinely curious about where it was going to go so I’m kind of on board. I think a lot of people will be put off by the dialogue.

  4. I have reserved tomorrow to check out a few of the new shows that were released this week, and I will be adding this one to the list. I probably would have passed on it as well, considering the title, but after having just read your post, it sounds pretty intriguing 😊

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