Qualidea Code Episode 1


The world is being attacked by something and somehow sending high-school kids with some sort of power after it is the best idea this world came up with. Yes, it is that storyline (again) and while repeating an overused premise isn’t a problem in and of itself, delivering it this way probably is.


Kind of made it clear in my overview. Maybe it is because this has came out after I’d already seen so many other shows this season, or maybe it is just this boring, but I did not care in the slightest about what was going on. The interplay between the brother and sister on the way to the meeting was kind of amusing but then we got all three schools together and we had generic posturing and silliness by people who supposedly get to make decisions in a world supposedly at war. Maybe if there were less other shows I was interested in I’d have given this more of a go, but as it stands I don’t think so.


Final question: Why do so many fantasy stories have titles that include X’s, Z’s and Q’s? It doesn’t make you sound more fantastical, it just makes you hard to say and to spell.

Qualidea Code is available on Crunchyroll.


2 thoughts on “Qualidea Code Episode 1

  1. Just looking at the promo pic leaves me feeling like I’ve seen it before, even if I’ve never even heard of it. Not surprising, though. The whole ‘group of teens in a fantasy setting need to use super cool powers to save the world’ is one of the higher winning formulas of anime. Of course, that means oversaturation of said genre, leading to an influx of forgettable clones and cardboard.

    1. I really do think I was just over loaded when I reviewed this so possibly I need to give it another go, but not at the moment.

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