Princess Principal Episode 7: Spying Is Sometimes A Dirty Job



I didn’t find this episode quite as interesting as some of the previous ones, mostly because this week nothing really came as a surprise. Previously, there’s been something that unfolded in a way I didn’t quite expect, but this episode was more or less strictly by the numbers as they set up and delivered a reasonable story.


What probably caused this issue was more of the story was focussed on the girls saving a laundry mill through fairly ordinary innovations rather than their actual mission (though they did carry that out simultaneously). As a direct result, this episode felt fairly mundane and like we were being left out of a more interesting story that we just never got into.


Despite my finding this episode less interesting, it is still a solid story and the characters, having all had their introductions, are quite charming. Overall Princess Principal remains a fairly strong title this season.

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Karandi James.


5 thoughts on “Princess Principal Episode 7: Spying Is Sometimes A Dirty Job

  1. I sort of disliked how the show keeps having these emotional highs, and then it follows it by a run of the mill, almost filler type, of episode. At this point, shouldn’t we be going full steam ahead with the ultimate plot? Seeing the Duke of Normandy on a regular basis, something threatening the cover of all these girls or something?

    I’m still kind of blown away there isn’t much of a reference to how one mission weaves into another. It is just like us getting up for work because it’s an obligation – not because there is any real meaning behind what we do. So maybe a failure might help shake things up.

    1. I’d really like the plot to get moving as well. While the whole episodic thing works well enough, this show won’t be overly memorable after the season unless it gives us something to remember other than a couple of emotional high points.

      1. Of which, I think Dorothy’s was the only one which didn’t seem really forced. Chise’s you can see from a mile away. But, there remains Ange and Charlotte’s backstory, so maybe we might get another good one.

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