Princess Principal Episode 4: Lost and Found Identity


Review Episode 4:

This episode gave us another case with the girls (although Chise has been added into the mix) and they are once again infiltrating and finding their target with a few hijinks along the way. Still, a large part of the dialogue this episode was given to the characters trying to find a name for the team, which is interesting given that at this point the team is clearly lacking cohesion with Chise being left out at key moments, Ange trying to protect the Princess and keep her out of anything, Ange and the Princess trying to keep their former friendship a secret, and Dorothy having been tasked with keeping an eye on the Princess in case she turns out to be a double agent.


However, the Princess is clearly unwilling to take on the passive role Ange has in mind for her and takes matters into her own hands. Despite their former friendship and genuine affection for one another, the Princess isn’t willing to wait in the tower for Ange to rescue her.


As for Ange, she clearly states she hates her past self, which is odd given how hard she is working to save a friend from her former life. She continues to be a character full of contradictions and it is kind of interesting to try to figure out who she is beneath the many layers of lies she’s piled on top of herself. Depending on how she goes for the rest of the season I may need to write an article on her at some point.

I’ll admit that I’m kind of loving this show at this point. I’m not sure exactly where I think it is going in terms of the whole narrative arc but I don’t think that matters at this point given how much fun and how interesting the journey so far has been.

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3 thoughts on “Princess Principal Episode 4: Lost and Found Identity

  1. haha this review reminds me that the princess decided to be more active in this episode. the train situation in episode 5 probably sparked that thought now that i think about it

    1. The Princess is definitely doing a bit more in this episode and episode 5. Hopefully that continues because she’s an interesting character. I like that even though she’s more active, she’s not suddenly an amazon warrior or anything, so it is working well.

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