Princess Principal Episode 12: Everyone Wants To Go To Casablanca


Review – Some Spoilers:

It is no surprise that Ange returns this episode, though the sheer length of time it takes her to come to that decision and act is a little questionable. Once she’s in motion though it is hard to imagine she was ever going to fail.


This episode takes us back to the feeling we had back in episode 1. Things are moving along at a good clip with car chases, gun battles, a plot to kill the Queen, and Ange desperate to save her friend. It is good fun even while the show hits some of its darker moments.


I still feel Zelda’s character would have worked better in this final arc if we’d met her earlier and had a bit more time to care about her character. Instead she comes off as a fairly ordinary villain which makes the reveal about who she is really working for seem a little last minute rather than intriguing. Also, her grand escape sequence would be cooler if I cared about her or if we knew there was going to be a second season for her to return in.


But what really shines this episode are the main characters as they reunite and save the day before heading off to Casablanca… Wait, didn’t Princess reject that idea? Why did they end up there. Just one of many questions to be asked about the ending of this show given the various groups and plots still exist, the issues in the Kingdom haven’t been resolved, the Princess still isn’t going to become Queen, and I’m not sure the spies actually accomplished anything of significance. How can a show be so fun and yet so full of holes?

Anyway, I will get around to a full series review of this show, but in the meantime, go listen to the theme song again because that can have you smiling for half a day.

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6 thoughts on “Princess Principal Episode 12: Everyone Wants To Go To Casablanca

  1. I’m just trying to figure what the goal was for season 1? It sort of reminds me of how Castlevania was set up. Everything was just a build-up to the show actually starting. As if we were watching a prequel.

    Though, considering how public all the things they did was, surely someone under the Duke of Normandy knows something. These girls haven’t been the most discrete.

      1. I thought the Duke of Normandy’s main minion would surely be able to identify the girls. At least Chise since her Asian style likely stands out a lot within the kingdom.

        1. And again, it wasn’t as though they were trying all that hard to hide. Even within the school they were pretty brazen in their actions despite knowing they were being watched.

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