Princess Principal Episode 10: A Brief Reunion



This episode definitely went for a darker tone and spent a great deal of time setting up a situation just to make it hurt when it got to the inevitable end of the line. That isn’t to say it wasn’t a great watch. Predictability isn’t a problem so long as the journey is worth the time and this one certainly was with some truly excellent characterisation of the team adding to the weight of the emotional feels that they dumped on us in the latter half of the episode.


While Chise and Princess are pretty much sidelined for the episode, Dorothy, Ange and Beatrice more than make up for it by providing some charming moments as well as some dark spy shenanigans.


That said, the close of this case isn’t for the faint of heart because while there are certainly more graphic scenes in other anime, there’s something particularly tragic about this episode. And in case that ending wasn’t bad enough they set up what may actually be a conflict for the end of the season (maybe).


Now I want the next episode because Ange’s next move is going to be interesting regardless of her choice.

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