Post Number 500

It really doesn’t seem plausible but I just hit post number 500. So I invited some friends to celebrate with me.

Actually, I’d like to invite all my readers to celebrate with me because without you there really isn’t any point to any of these posts.

So a big thank you! And hopefully we’ll all still be around come post number 1000.

thank you.gif

20 thoughts on “Post Number 500

  1. I completely forgot to congratulate you on reaching 500 posts over here, so CONGRATS ON REACHING SUCH A TALL MILESTONE, I hope you’ll try to reach 1000 next~! xP

      1. Oooh, I know you can do it, plus I think if you weren’t having fun you wouldn’t want to do another 500 posts, so you’re on the right path~

  2. A hearty congratulations! Getting over 500 posts is a huge hurdle (or accomplishment, haha) and I’ve no doubt we’ll be congratulating you on a 1,000 in no time. Keep up the excellent work.

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