Platinum End Episode 6 Review – When Will These Characters Stop Walking Into Traps?

Platinum End Episode 6

Alright Platinum End, I’ve learned my lesson. I won’t hope for anything going forward.

In my episode 5 review I had this hope after being given backstory on a new character: “I’m hoping this doesn’t mean he’s going to die next episode because that would set a terrible precedent going forward.” Though in fairness, if this story has any kind of internal logic he won’t be dead because technically his wings make him faster than the thing that possibly could have killed him (which also made me wonder why he was bothering with guns and bullets this episode as clearly Metropoliman would be faster than a bullet).

Platinum End Episode 6

Anyway, as I said, lesson learned, no more hope.

Isn’t that a terrible thing to say about an anime at 6 episodes in to an apparently 24 episode run?

Is Platinum End going to fall because of stupid characters?

I’m also giving up hope of these characters ever learning not to walk into obvious traps. For all their sitting around and planning, basically they come up with the most straight forward approach to dealing with the random girl murderer that Metropoliman is using as bait and it is quite clear before they ever arrive at the tower that nothing good is going to come from the situation. Much like anyone who entered the stadium.

Platinum End Episode 6

Platinum End, these are bad plans. And sure having a protagonist who isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed works in some genres and for some tones but it really doesn’t work when it seems you are reaching for something with a bit more psychological drama in it. Then again, maybe it isn’t aspiring to be a psychological drama and really just wants to be a splatter fest of stupidity.

On that note though, I’d have to agree with Irina:

“Unfortunately, there are still a lot of times where it’s not ridiculous enough to be funny but still doesn’t make much sense.”

I drink and watch anime

So far Platinum End feels more awkward than anything else. There’s potentially some solid ideas that could be explored and certainly this week, with Mirai’s unwillingness to kill, even to save Saki (hypothetically) lending some decent tension given the situation the character finds himself in. But there’s no subtlety to how this is explored and characters in this story are either wooden and emotionless or screaming wrecks. There seems to be no emotional state in between calm or hysterical.

Platinum End Episode 6

Equally, Mukaidou seemed all amazed by the revelation that you could kill someone with a knife last week and wouldn’t need a white arrow (who’d have thought), introduces guns and other equipment to Saki and Mirai, even though they don’t want it, and yet still walks into that fairly obvious trap set by Metropoliman without a thought of what other dangers there might be.

The assumption he made at every turn was that Metropoliman would be there, lying in wait, to shoot whoever turned up with an arrow. Let’s ignore the fact that Metropoliman seems to be the only one who has figured out you can shoot further by stacking arrows, a point that would have already thrown Mukaidou’s plans into disarray, and then think through every other method of killing someone on a tower there might be?

Platinum End Episode 6

It kind of made the climax of episode 6 of Platinum End anti-climatic because to be honest, it was more or less inevitable.

Another example of the lack of subtlety in characterisation that Platinum End foists upon viewers is Girl A herself. Predatory, overly-sexualised, and just plain crazy, she’s a caricature more than a character and clearly never going to be anything more than a plot piece to be discarded.

Platinum End Episode 6

Much like the crying child in episode 5.

If Platinum End wants my emotional investment when characters die it needs to give me better characters. Or it just needs to not take itself seriously and just lean into the silliness because that could equally make this more enjoyable. Right now… I’m not entirely convinced Platinum End can really satisfy either my enjoyment of poor horror or my interest in more serious supernatural thrillers.

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Karandi James

4 thoughts on “Platinum End Episode 6 Review – When Will These Characters Stop Walking Into Traps?

  1. I’m sure he isn’t dead. I can’t explain why but the way this show is written just makes me think they’re going to keep him around for some bug cheesy noble sacrifice in front of his daughter sort of thing.

    1. That kind of makes it worse. At least him dying gives this whole subplot a point. Him surviving just makes it another lame trap that didn’t work.
      And yeah, he should survive because there’s no way his wings can’t outrun the explosion.

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