Piacevole First Impressions



High school student starts part time job at an Italian restaurant.


For a four minute episode this is kind of a reasonable set-up and cute enough but like most short anime it just doesn’t do much to grab me. The premise isn’t interesting enough to hang around for, none of the characters really distinguished themselves in any way, and a food shot for the episode isn’t enough to make me sit through another four minute episode. That said, there’s plenty of first episodes worse than this out there so if you are looking for something relatively benign this might be your cup of tea.

Piacevole is available on Crunchyroll.

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Karandi James.


5 thoughts on “Piacevole First Impressions

  1. LOL “if you are looking for something relatively benign this might be your cup of tea” – is a great back handed compliment! I haven’t watched this although it wouldn’t appeal to me and now really doesn’t, but your description of very short anime episodes involving food, reminded me of Wakakozake which I can definitely recommend if you haven’t watched it. I’d love to know what you think of it too.

  2. i was hoping this show would be more about food than it was. also crunchyroll doesnt translate the ending song, which seems to be where they talk about recipes…

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