Phantom in the Twilight Episode 5: Love or Life?

Phantom in the Twilight Episode 5

Alright, I might have to stop making fun of Ton given this episode she actually really stepped up to the plate as the protagonist in this story, and all in all this episode of Phantom in the Twilight was pretty well done.

Phantom in the Twilight - Ton

So the plot involving Ton’s kidnapped friend gets about two minutes of screen time in a kind of mini-story about them inhabiting a haunted house and then we are whisked back to the cafe where Ton is playing dress-up as the manager. Almost as soon as she’s extracted compliments (and kind of insults) from the others they get their first ‘customer’, a Sidhe named Lydia who wants them to find her a man.


For various silly reasons and I guess because she’s impulsive, Ton agrees to the request and it seemed from that point on the story would become pretty ordinary and predictable with a dose of awful thrown in. And yet, Phantom in the Twilight rises to the occasion. It is predictable what the outcome is going to be because the entire story is framed as a tragedy, and yet this episode feels like it is continuously pushing forward, we’re seeing Ton acting and using self-determination rather than being dragged by the plot, and ultimately she both makes a decision and then reflects on it making this the first moment really where I’ve seen Ton as a protagonist I might kind of come to like.


We end the episode however with a new arrival in London, Van Helsing. Guess what he’s getting up to next week. Still, so far this series had been a bit of fun, but this episode really kind of felt like it was drawing me more into this world and these characters. I’m kind of hoping it continues along this path because I had a great time this week.

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31 thoughts on “Phantom in the Twilight Episode 5: Love or Life?

  1. From the way it sounds, I should continue watching it. I started watching but decided against it. I was getting Libra of nil Admirari vibes. I didn’t want to put myself through that again.

    1. So far better than that. Admittedly, this could still become fairly average, but I’m actually quite enjoying it so far and it seems to be getting better (or at least it is filling in the world and characters as it goes making things more interesting).

  2. You know…I feel like we are pretty much the only two people that are watching this. There is hardly any talk of this series on any of the other blogs, and that really is a shame. Like you I really enjoyed this episode, and I’m really beginning to like the world building that’s being done in this series. Also Ton really stepped up to the plate as I quite honestly thought she wasn’t able to go through with it in the end.
    And was I the only one that got a small chill down my spine when that guy said his name was Van Helsing? That really is very cool. Can’t wait for next week’s episode, this series is really become my favorite of the season (besides Attack on Titan that is 😊).

    1. There’s a handful of others still covering this but it isn’t getting a lot of exposure and I guess it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But Ton did really step things up in general this week and it definitely made me fairly optimistic for how this is going at the moment.

      1. Yeah, I guess that is true. It is supernatural stuff, and that most certainly isn’t for everyone. Still: I’m quite enjoying it, and I really think the series will get even better (’s this hunch I have anyway 😊😅)

        1. Hey, I’m watching and enjoying it too! 😺 There’s just other things I’ve felt like writing about lately. I always appreciate what the two of you have to say about it.

          1. Hey! Very cool to hear that 😀 I finally started following your blog (yes I know why on Earth did I take so long right?) and left quite a long comment on your post for the Creator Showcase (but it disappeared so it might be in your spamfilter). Anyways: glad you are enjoying this anime too 😀😀

          2. Thanks, Raistlin! I found your comment and saved it, so it should be up now. Glad you said something!

            I actually was going to write about series earlier this week, but for reasons you can imagine it turned into that poem about WordPress blog trials…

          3. I’m watching it too! I just don’t have the time to talk about handsome boys on my blog when there’s so many cute girls to review!

          4. So, if there’s a beach episode and Ton ends up in a swimsuit we can expect to see your thoughts on it? Joking – you’ve been pretty prolific over on your blog with content so I can understand this one not fitting your line up.

          5. Lol…well, there are some cute girls in it as well (luckily 😊😊 ). But yeah it’s been a really fun series so far, which is awesome 😊

    2. I’m watching and enjoying it as well. It’s just that the way the shows came out this season (with all my possible best contenders at the end), how the show only just hit its stride this episode (in my head, at least) and Real Life that sabotaged my ability to talk about it. That reminds me, I need to talk about Angolmois…and MHA…and Cells at Work…

      Then again, if you’re enjoying Phantom in the Twilight so much, why don’t you talk about it on your blog?

      1. Haha, that’s really okay. It’s just that it was noticeable that this show at least appears to be a little bit under the radar 😊
        I have never written episodic reviews before on my blog, so I only review shows when they are completed😉 And that’s pretty much the reason I haven’t talked about it (yet).😊😊 I did sent a few tweets out about it though!😀 I hope you are all right by the way: real life sabotaging things doesn’t sound too good 😢

        1. Hmm…maybe “sabotage” was too strong a word choice…For the most part, it’s really just trying to keep up with things and falling behind because of a bout of procrastination from a few weeks ago, but I know I’ll get through it.

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