Phantom in the Twilight Episode 4: My Friend Was Taken As A Hostage, And I Don’t Seem To Care

Phantom of the Twilight Episode 4

Remind me to not rely on Ton if I’m ever kidnapped. She’s really not at all focused on saving her friend. That little bit of plot insanity aside though, Phantom in the Twilight is actually shaping up to be a pretty decent show this season.


As main heroines go, Ton is kind of problematic on a number of levels, not the least of which is that she’s the least interesting of the cast and she has no chemistry with anyone but they force her into situations where her emotional connections are supposed to matter. I find it so odd watching her flit about and how casually she just accepts that they can’t figure out where her friend is. While her crying and moaning continuously wouldn’t be any better, it feels like this should be some kind of pressing concern that impacts upon her as a character.


However, instead of dealing with the kidnapped friend who is happily getting a river cruise with the red-haired wolf from last week, we turn our attention to the third of the supernatural waiters. This episode is very much Toryu’s, starting from his back story with Ton’s grandmother and hi losing control in the city while out on a shopping trip with Ton. It’s actually a pretty interesting back story and it does allow Ton to show that she hasn’t just been chilling since being dragged into the supernatural nonsense. She’s still a novice but she is definitely learning and her saving the day here is quite fitting (as is the heavy assistance she receives to do so).


One thing I particularly liked about this episode was that at times there was genuinely a question of whether or not they could overcome this particularly trial. A few times it very much seemed like they wouldn’t succeed and that gave it a bit of tension and excitement. Also the initial attack on Toryu was pretty brutal and yet still seemed to fit with the show so far. While I wouldn’t actually call it a dark show by any means, it isn’t all sexy vampires and wolf boys fighting over tea or coffee.

So I’m actually enjoying this series more than I expected. It definitely has its issues but right now I’m having fun with it.

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16 thoughts on “Phantom in the Twilight Episode 4: My Friend Was Taken As A Hostage, And I Don’t Seem To Care

  1. I completely agree with you. This series really is turning into one of the best ones that I have seen this entitre season (Not counting of course the phenomenal Angels of Death *cough…cough*)
    Seriously though I liked finding out more about Toryu and that attack in the beginning…wow, that really was brutal. I quite honestly thought that he was getting killed right then and there. Looking forward to next week! 😀😀

    1. That attack was way more violent than I expected from this show. Definitely glad I kept this one on the watch list given episode 1 was a bit iffy. It’s certainly been fun so far.

  2. Well they did have that scene at the end of the previous episode with Ton and the good wolf dude and him saying that he trusts his brother not to hurt her friend and Ton saying if he trusts him she does too. So I totally buy her lack of urgency, on the situation but then again I really like Ton as a character. I think she’s better than most female protagonists in shows like this.

    1. Even if told the kidnapper is kind of nice, I’m not sure I’d trust my best friend in that hands of someone who would kidnap another person. Besides, she just seemed to put incredibly minimal effort in to finding her because other than the ghost guy looking around online, they seem to be doing almost nothing on that front.

      1. Well I guess they’re trying to drag out this plot line and maybe have kidnapper guy redeem himself and maybe become a potential love interest for the girl? I don’t know, I’m just guessing, I’m not very familiar with these types of shows anyway!

        1. It does kind of seem like we’re going to get some kind of affection at least between victim and kidnapper, and I wouldn’t put a redemption arc as out of the question (though I wouldn’t be thrilled with either option).

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