Phantom in the Twilight Episode 3: Two Wolves Meet Under a Ferris Wheel


As silly as some aspects of this show are, I can’t help but have fun while watching it. While I strongly suspect that when they explain the villain’s motives it will probably be a disappointment, Phantom in the Twilight has so far been enjoyable enough to watch, even though it isn’t great.

Have I mentioned I kind of have a thing for anime guys with animal ears? Wolves are okay, though I’d definitely prefer a fox.

Some spoilers below, if you are inclined to care.

Luke faces his destiny in a showdown under the ferris wheel, or I guess they could have gone that path. Mostly Luke, who already figured out that another werewolf was involved last week and clearly knew who, goes off on his own and meets his brother who just happens to be the kidnapper. They reminisce about old times, try and kill each other, there’s some outside interference but fortunately Ton and the others show up because Ton wants to rescue her friend (Luke), oh and she might try and save Shinyao while she’s at it because that was the whole point of last week to save her kidnapped friend.


On that front, they are really stretching the plot just a little bit too far now. Two weeks in a row Ton has gotten within reach of her friend and they still haven’t saved her. it’s like someone just keeps moving the piece of cheese further back and yet they forgot to load the trap so nothing actually happens as we progress.


Still, we get some entertaining moments with Wayne, a brief history lesson on a whole bunch of jargon and Ton’s grandmother, a fight between two werewolves, a gatling gun being used on some kind of green glowing demonic dogs, and a cup of tea, so this episode has enough going on to keep you interested. All things consider, this is kind of reminding me of quite a few anime I’ve watched in the past that are fun in the moment but don’t have much real impact and are quickly forgotten. Maybe it will rise above that in later episodes, but these first three episodes seem to have pretty much cemented this as a watchable entertainment that leaves little lasting impression.

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17 thoughts on “Phantom in the Twilight Episode 3: Two Wolves Meet Under a Ferris Wheel

  1. I kept thinking that this show reminds me of something and then it hit me: there is a live action series called Being Human (there was a Britsh and American version for it) where a Ghost, Werewolf and Vampire are loving together. It was a really fun series, and I definitely recommend it.
    Anyways…back to the anime: I agree this has really been fun so far. No it’s not perfect but there are enough fun elements in the seris that make it entertaining (and that gatling gun is so cool). Thanks again for recommending this one to me 😊

    1. I think I saw the first couple of episodes of the British Being Human because I kind of remember that set up. I don’t know why I didn’t watch more of it or what happened, but you definitely reminded me that was a thing.
      Hopefully this continues to be a fun ride. It certainly has some issues, but as long as it keeps being entertaining that will probably be enough.

      1. For me it was the other way around. I haven’t seen the British version but I did see the first two seasons of the American and I quite enjoyed it.
        I agree, it’s definitely some of the better series for this season because it is quite lighthearted, doesn’t take itself to seriously but still provides some fun entertainment 😊

    2. There’s two versions of Being Human? I think I saw the British one… but why are there two?

      1. Wouldn’t that be the same as The Office and all the other shows where they felt the need to remake them? I’m just glad we never got an American Dr Who.

        1. Yikes, that’s a scary thought! In any case, I’m not nearly as up on my American cinema and TV as I am on anime. So I’ve never seen the Office, and didn’t know there was a remake of it. Shocking, I know.

      2. Well…as with most shows, there usually at some point comes a remake, and the American version is a remake of the British version. I can’t compare the two, as I have only seen the American version, but I quite honestly can say that the series was very enjoyable with some great characters played by some good actors 😊

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