Phantom in the Twilight Episode 2: Old School Vampire Alert


I was pleasantly surprised that episode two of this was reasonably decent given the first episode’s shortcomings. The focus is very much on Vlad but the other characters definitely get a little bit of a look in as this supernatural story continues.


It has been awhile since vampires actually had issues with garlic, crosses, running water and were held to the belief that they couldn’t enter a building without being invited and while Buffy made good use of the mythology around vampires, most stories take great liberties with discarding the old legends or openly scoffing at them. While that doesn’t make this show any better, it does make me more interested in it if the characters are going to have a more traditional portrayal (despite all appearing to be generically good looking, young guys). If that was the only thing episode two offered, I’d probably still be more inclined to watch this show than I was last week, but overall I was generally left with the impression that this episode was better.


Ton was still not what I’d consider a great protagonist, but on one or two occasions she actually called Vlad on keeping information from her even if she didn’t press the point. The introduction of Wayne was kind of entertaining and I can see him being immensely useful as a plot device but he was just kind of fun as a character. Even Luke and the other guy (I keep missing his name) got a bit more detail about who they were and there was groundwork laid for an ongoing story with Luke that looks like it will get fleshed out next week.


Of course, the attention was on Vlad a lot and his vampire powers are pretty cool. He’s fairly stereotypical as a character and yet not annoyingly so, but he may not be all that interesting to some viewers. Plus he has absolutely zero chemistry with Ton so the scenes with the two of them that could have been charming or fun mostly end up being just a back and forth of flat dialogue that does progress the plot but isn’t overly interesting.

I think i’m in with this anime though. The heavy supernatural focus in this second episode really sold it to me and even though I’d like a bit more from the cast, there were improvements from episode 1 to episode 2 and hopefully they will continue.

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19 thoughts on “Phantom in the Twilight Episode 2: Old School Vampire Alert

  1. I watched the first ep last evening and I wondered if maybe it was a parody of Ouran High School Host Club, only with Haruhi played by an oblivious and earnest girl instead of a wry and sarcastic one. But then she revealled her furious hidden inner power and I realized it was just another boys anime, only with gender flipped characters. Maybe they figure girls will like a story where the girl fights like a boy?

    1. Only if they also like seeing the girl rush idiotically in over her head and inevitably get rescued by the hot guy. Lack of commitment to actually having a brash female character if she keeps needing to get rescued. Ton is so far my least favourite part of this show.

      1. She’s sadly traditional for anime heroines. At least she doesn’t suddenly go naked and transform into a slightly more mature look but a lot less clothing. So it could be worse. I do think this is a show meant for a younger female audience.

  2. Okay….Now you have me convinced me to go check this out. It might be a nice one to stick with if this week’s episode of Angels of Death is going to cause to maybe drop that one (and then again I was still looking for one to add anyway. I loved Buffy by the way, and supernatural stories always have me interested so I guess I might go check this one out before I am off to work today. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 😊

    1. It would be nice if we could get a really strong supernatural story, though I guess this one will do for me for now because at least it looks like they are going to have a more traditional take on some of the characters.

      1. I will let you know what I think of it, somewhere in the upcoming days. Looking forward to seeing this one, but ofcourse I will keep my expectations for this one low 😊

        1. Low would be good. First episode was pretty ordinary and second episode it is really only the lore that makes it interesting. The story itself still has a ways to go.

  3. A more traditional portrayal of vampires has me curious. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve seen (or read to be honest) a story with the more traditional vampire lore.
    As I am a huge fan of the show Supernatural, I think this could be a breath of fresh air (or nostalgia? I’m not sure) in terms of vampires–whereas Supernatural vamps just need a decapitation. I may need to test this out…

    1. Tragically the old school vampire bit is probably the most compelling part given everything else here is pretty standard anime antics.

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