Phantasy Star Online 2 – Series Review

As it is a whole series, I’m not going to limit myself to 100 words.


Tachibana who is apparently kind of okay at everything is appointed to the student council as a vice president and then told his main job is to play a video game and report on it. Meanwhile, a transfer student arrives who is just a little bit weird and odd occurences such as missing persons are becoming more prolific.


It’s an absurd premise and one that should have had Tachibana going, thanks but no thanks. Really, who just accepts that the vice president of the student council is supposed to play video games? Anyway, if you can get over that illogical hurdle (and it is difficult) the story that unfolds from that point is actually quite intriguing even though it doesn’t really break any new ground.

Going from the real world to the virtual and back again, the line between the two becoming increasingly blurred, it really is the human connections that are forged within the game that carry over to the real world that keep this moving. While the usual messages about teamwork and being yourself get thrown around and various pushes to not blame societies problems on technology are all present the show gives very few of these much air time as it seems determined to make Tachibana a hero that saves his damsel in distress. And as Tachibana does not seem given to introspection, very little time is given to the deeper issues of this show.

The music is largely forgettable and when it isn’t forgettable its terrible. The closing song should not be so irritating it makes me want to skip and not even check if there is any more story after the credits.

In case it isn’t clear, I really enjoyed watching this series even while I felt frustrated that it didn’t seem to want to do anything new. It’s pretty enough, the story moves well, and the characters are appropriately quirky but don’t look for underlying motivation or depth because you’ll come up wanting.

I am going to give Koa an honourable mention for most inappropriately flamboyant in life or death situations.


I watched Phantasy Star Online 2 (and that name is super long) on Crunchyroll but it is also available on Anime Lab.

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  1. Still semi-bitter about the fact that Sega has NOT released PSO2 in the west, despite saying that they will.

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