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I actually had to look up that name for the title. I put some effort in this and for some reason I feel the need to tell people about it!

Last week Hiroki ended up at the hospital for malnutrition, as I suspected. I do like that it makes sense and was nicely foreshadowed. They even gave him a sensible emotional reason for not eating. It’s still a fantastic coincidence that he ended up at the same hospital as Hayashi but then again, they were in relative proximity. It’s one of those coincidences that’s very easy to accept and was very well set up. I got ahead of myself. uhm…Hiroki ended up in the same hospital as Hayashi…

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This is frankly better foreshadowing than we’ve had all season and in fact than a lot of shows have. So good job on that.

Hiroki’s hair dye turned out to be shoe polish so a simple rinse got him back to his original colour and whatever the hospital gave him was pure magic because it plumped him right back up. It makes no sense but I like Hiroki’s character design so I was happy enough to ignore that part to see him back to normal. Besides, it’s pretty immaterial to the story.

What was more unexpected is that Hiroki, sensing an image user close by, decides to investigate and manages to very effectively and easily get away from Katsuragi. To the point where you kind of wonder how the company could control this guy at all. I guess it’s really Tsukasa that controls him through emotional manipulation but still. This said, I enjoyed this scene a lot. It was a moment of growth and establishment for the character and once again the solution was simple and believable (in context). I’m impressed Hiroki managed this but it’s not actually out of character.

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Meanwhile, we see that Tsukasa’a grip on himself and the situation may be slipping as it becomes obvious that the company intends to use Hiroki to manipulate him and Satoru to threaten him. This was much weaker than Hiroki’s plot line. I get what they were doing but at the end of the day, Tsukasa is severely weakened in his current state and they could have simply pointed a gun at him instead of jumping through all these hoops. Especially as everything is still vague and there doesn’t seem to be a huge advantage in keeping him alive at all.

Long story short, Tsukasa is pretty much obsessed with getting rid of Satoru as he’s paranoid that the other will eventually want revenge for what happened with Hayashi and that seems to be the only thing on his mind. Ultimately, once the treath removed, I do beleive he wants to leave the company with Hiroki. Meanwhile, the company wants to separate him from everyone else most likely to avoid that exact outcome.

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As the episode wrapped up, Hiroki manage to find Hayashi just before the later seem to get irrevocably crushed, and get enough stray information to peice a few things together. For one that Tsukasa considers him a pet and that Tsukasa seems to have crushed the man who shared his peak with him. This is very unsettling information and now that Hiroki has proved himself much more capable than previously established, I’m curious to see what he will do with it.

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