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Hello fellow viewer, let’s talk about this weeks Pet. After being saved in extremis by Hiroki last week, Tsukasa is slowly recovering from his ordeal and trying to figure out a way to get himself back on track. Meanwhile, Ron uses “baby” Mei to eliminate the heads of a rival company.

This is what I figured out watching the show. I enjoy crime dramas. I mean I already knew that, I didn’t figure it out just now, but I confirmed it. I enjoy these types of stories more than most people do. And I like the criminal element in Pet but, it actually suffers from a lack of exposition which is a rather unusual problem.

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In order to properly follow the twisty story-line full of double crosses, you need to have a pretty solid grasp on the details. And Pet isn’t great at laying it all out for you. I don’t mind doing some work and filling in the holes but when you have a universe that doesn’t go by the same rules as ours, you have to tell me what those new rules are or else I’m going to get lost.

This said, I’m only slightly lost with Pet. I think I recognize the street names and there’s a house over there that looks familiar. I might need to whip out google maps soon though.

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As the show advances, it seems that a confrontation between the lead characters may become inevitable, and with Pet’s penchant for grimness, it’s probably not going to end well. In fact the last scene of this episode was some pretty on the nose foreshadowing.

You know what, that sort of bothers me. And it only bothers me because at some point I managed to get attached to Hiroki, Satoru and even Tsukasa enough to be worried about them. Don’t ask me when it happened. I’m actually really surprised about it as well. But it did and now I’m probably going to be sad.

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I’m going to keep watching though. Who knows, maybe it will be a surprisingly happy ending.

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