Visualist x 100!!!! – My Hero Academia Season 4: Episode 20 Review

Ho-hum. So My Hero Academia continue with a school festival and lack lustre villains. It feels like the 'plus ultra' has left the building.


PET episode 8 – Fish Fry

Join Irina for her latest musings on Pet. Episode 7 continues to intrigue.

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Episode 7 Review

Alright, I'm actually here this week and I've caught up on Keep Your Hands off Eizouken! I kind of knew I would which is why I didn't mind letting one episode slip. Plus, watching episodes 6 and 7 back to back was really fun. As much as the girls in the show seem to be … Continue reading Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Episode 7 Review

Special Crime Investigation Unit – Special 7 Anime Series Review

I never did review the final three episodes of this anime though I did finish watching it. Honestly, I just didn't have enough to say about those episodes individually. Here's a supernatural police drama that manages to yawn its way through 12 episodes despite the promise of vampires, dragons and large scale terrorism.

The Case Files of Jeweler Richard Episode 7

Episode 7 of The Case Files of Jeweler Richard continues to unpack some of Richard's past and also brings Seigi and Richard closer together. Join Irina and Karandi as they discuss the most recent episode as Seigi goes to an auction.

In Case You Missed It 2020 #8

Feel like you missed something last week? Here's the recap of posts from the blog and a collection of posts from the aniblogging community that caught my eye. If you come across a post you feel needs a shout out be sure to contact me here or on twitter to let me know.

PET episode 7 – Betta

Join Irina for her latest musings on Pet. Episode 7 continues to intrigue.

Top 5 Reasons To Watch Seasonal Anime

Why watch seasonal anime? Here are 5 excellent reasons to get into seasonal anime viewing (with some down sides noted). I'm getting back into list writing.

ID:Invaded Episode 8 Review

My praise of the build up in the narrative and how the mystery was drawing together pretty much falls apart after viewing episode 8 of ID:Invaded. This is the episode that makes the audience question whether the whole plot was actually checked prior to beginning or if the writer just made stuff up as they went along.

In/Spectre Episode 6 Review

In/Spectre offers a few delighting moments this week as its plot thickens. Irina and I discuss the latest happenings in the case of Steel Lady Nanase.