BOFURI Episode 6 Review

What to do after another event finishes and you've now got your own flying turtle? Naturally you start a guild. Maple and Sally share the love in episode 6 of Bofuri.


The Case Files of Jeweler Richard Episode 6

Finally some backstory on Richard - that and some gem scammers. The Case Files of Jeweler Richard continue to roll along in a very low key manner and Irina and Karandi discuss the latest happenings.

Visualist x 100!!!! – My Hero Academia Season 4: Episode 18 Review

A small positive from both Kapodaco and myself this week in regards to My Hero Academia. I think we're a little shocked. Check out our latest coverage of season 4 of My Hero Academia.

In Case You Missed It 2020 #7

Feel like you missed something last week? Here's the recap of posts from the blog and a collection of posts from the aniblogging community that caught my eye. If you come across a post you feel needs a shout out be sure to contact me here or on twitter to let me know.

Am I Being Too Judgemental Or Is My Hero Academia Season Four Just Not Good?

I'm just going to say it: I'm not enjoying My Hero Academia season 4. So rather than moping about it I decided to consider why that is and whether the situation is reparable or whether I'm just done with the franchise.

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Episode 6 Review

I'm flying solo this week guys. Karandi is swamped so she is letting me take over this week's Eizouken. A super wise decision! Nothing to worry about. I am definitely not going to write a bunch of ridiculous nonsense and drive all her faithful readers away. Nuh-huh! Karandi and I had some pretty nice words … Continue reading Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Episode 6 Review

10 Days – 10 Anime Boys: Day 10 – The Anime Boy You Secretly Want To Appear In Your Dreams

Come on - It's Valentine's Day. Here's the anime boy I want to meet in my dreams. However, be sure to share yours.

Somali and the Forest Spirit Episode 5 Review

Crossing the desert takes a turn for the dangerous and not just because of the random tornadoes this week in Somali and the Forest Spirit. Episode 5 of Somali and the Forest Spirit progresses the search for humans and brings some interesting new characters.

PET episode 6 – Fish Flakes

I'm loving Irina's ongoing titles for these Pet episode reviews. Actually, I'm just enjoying reading about a show I can't watch as it makes me intrigued each and every week. Join Irina for her latest review of Pet.