Ominous Appearances Abound This Week in Anime

So much going on in the episodes this week with The Promised Neverland dropping another bombshell upon us, Cells at Work finally stepping up to the plate and Code Black seems to have the whole body going into meltdown. There's some thrilling watching this week so let's get to looking at the episodes.

The Reason Anime Fans Should Care About Banned Shows

Now I don't pretend to an expert on Russian law nor does a Russian court banning a few anime mean other countries will naturally follow along, however in a world where cancel culture continues to gain momentum, anime fans genuinely need to take an interest in anime censorship.

Gleipnir Series Review

There's a real sense of fun launching into a series no one can adequately describe to you without spoilers and while Gleipnir's early episodes definitely leave you wondering just what it is you are watching, as the story unfolds you realise that despite the bizarre trappings it is actually fairly coherent. However, does that make it fun? Read the whole review.

Invading Forces Are Kind of A Theme This Week in Anime

Whether it is guys in military fatigues invading the kid's shelter, gonorrhea taking on the white blood cells in Code Black, or good bacteria finding its way into the digestive system, episode 4 for all of these shows seems to be about invasion.

Are You Drowning in Streaming Services?

Previously I asked my twitter followers how many streaming services they were using to watch anime. I kind of feel during 2020 online access became far more important to a lot of us and it was a good year to take stock of just how many subscriptions I had and just what I was getting from them.

Noblesse Series Review

Well, I had watched Awakening so it made sense to do a catch up view of the Noblesse series. Overall, not particularly impressed but there are some highlights here. Be sure to read the full review.

January 2021

With returning to blogging on January 10, this month has been one where I've been trying to find a balance between my real world commitments and my firm desire to re-engage with the aniblogging community. Here's a round up of the posts for the month.

Pimples, Erectile Dysfunction, and Hidden Bunkers This Week In Anime

Jumping into the third episodes of The Promised Neverland, Cells at Work and Code Black and I must say my responses to the three episodes are pretty mixed. Given anime usually pull out all the stops to keep viewers going it is interesting how the 3 series have differed. Read my full thoughts in the post.

Contrary To The Title, The Girls Seem To Be Doing the Picking

Just what do the girls in DanMachi see in Bell anyway? And why is it that they seem to be picking him up? Just what is going on in this anime?

Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina Series Review

I don't know what I expected going into Wandering Witch but that's probably a good thing. Elaina's journey unfolded before me and I just kind of soaked it in. Read the full review.