Our Love Has Always Been 10 Centimetres Apart Episode 5



For the first time I really found Haruki an annoying character. I kind of get what they were going for with him facing a crisis and losing sight of his dream, but to be honest it really felt like he was a sulking child for a lot of this episode. Glad they didn’t drag it into the last episode and by the end of this episode they managed to talk things out.


Miou is still hesitant but actually comes off quite well through most of this episode as she continues with her resolve to finish the painting even though it is late and then confronts Haruki. There’s a lot of plot convenience going on with the perfect recorded message that is exactly what Haruki needs but it works and with only one episode to go I guess we shouldn’t be too picky about how things get rolling again.


Now I’m just left to wonder if these two will actually confess before the end of the series.

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Karandi James.


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