Our Love Has Always Been 10 Centimeters Apart Series Review: Treading A Very Well Defined Path



Miou likes to draw and Haruki likes to make films. The two of them also like each other but can’t seen to find the way to close the distance between them.

Review (some spoilers):

At six episodes, this was something I picked up midway through the Autumn anime season on Crunchyroll and while it isn’t really my style of show, the early episodes worked well enough. Excessively shy girl with crush on seemingly brash guy who also has a crush on her but is actually fairly shy seemed a fairly standard high school love set up.


Enter the two male friends and two female friends, who will all of course end up together in the end even though it isn’t their story, as they support the main couple in their own way (I’m starting to think if I ever found myself trapped in a high school romantic drama anime I really should hope I’m part of the support cast because other than one or two major set backs they usually get their happily ever after much earlier than the main couple). Also the teacher who is also a family friend and offers his own counsel and gives the characters a gentle push at times. And of course the dead older brother of Haruki who happens to have a connection to Miou because we do have to insert some drama into what might otherwise be a non-event of two reasonable human beings falling in love and admitting it.


About episode 4 things started going downhill a little as the drama started stretching out and the characters acted in ways that just seemed illogical even in the context of the show. While I will admit not everyone acts rationally all the time, their actions were at times outright detrimental to their own stated goals. And it dragged. They really let these characters mope too long.


Then we got the final episode and any good will I felt to either of the main characters evaporated under the weight of the typical girl waiting for the guy trope. Why is she passively waiting? Why isn’t he contacting her? Oh, because it will be more romantic if they don’t speak for seven years and then he just shows up (and I would have flipped the table except that it is very heavy).


Basically the ending just kind of kills the show for me.

So it is cute and sweet enough at first without being too nauseating but the story is overly long and they make up the run time by having us watch the characters sulk for an excessive length of time and then the ending will either be romantic if you like that particular sort of thing or will just annoy you if you think about all the times they could have said or done something. Basically, I would only really recommend this for people who love romance and watch pretty much any romance.

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5 thoughts on “Our Love Has Always Been 10 Centimeters Apart Series Review: Treading A Very Well Defined Path

  1. I disliked this due to the girl waiting/pining for guy trope and of course the guy comes back like some shining knight to swoop up the girl – at his convenience. Um….nope. The sexist nature of it completely makes my blood boil. I don’t find it romantic at all. Waiting with no word for seven years? Screw that sack of crap! I get that this happens a lot in the romance genre and is meant to be really romantic, but I just find it disgusting and outdated.

    1. Yep, that ending just stops me from ever wanting to watch it again. I didn’t hate watching it, but honestly I don’t really like that kind of romance. The girl should have moved on, found someone else and lived her own happily ever after why the guy ran away to find himself.

  2. While I actually found the act of waiting in the end for his return to be somewhat sweet, I understand why it’s all so frustrating at the same time. I didn’t really get why the dying brother thing was so emotionally heavy, too, as it’s not like he drowned saving her—he had been sick for a long time prior. Looking back on it now, I don’t regret the short time spent watching this pretty little series, but as with most romance, it could’ve been much better.

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