Our Love Has Always Been 10 Centimeters Apart Episode 3



There’s not a lot to say about this episode as the relationship between Miou and Haruki hits some rocky ground over the reveal of who Miou’s saviour was. Most of the blame for the teen drama lands with Miou but at the same time she was kind of shocked so her poor choices through most of this episode kind of make sense even if they are just making the situation worse.


Haruki’s frustration is also clearly understandable even if his actions and decisions are driving those around him away which doesn’t seem like a great long term strategy. And in his defense, he did try to talk to Miou and clear things up but when she runs away there is little he can do other than mope.


Still, we do get to see Haruki’s brother and the influence he had on Haruki (part of me wonders who took the picture of the three of them given they were all in the picture and from the flash back there was no one else around, but that is kind of being nit-picky). The issue with dead siblings of course is that we only ever get to see one side of them, and in this case memories of Chiaki seem ridiculously rose coloured.


Still, this story remains pretty sweet even as the characters veer into drama for the sake of it and misunderstandings with clear end points are set up. The only question is how long will they drag this particular issue out for before they actually talk.

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