Our Love Has Always Been 10 Centimeters Apart Episode 2



This sleepy romance continues to be pretty adorable even with the slightly over the top coincidence that this episode reveals by its end (so heavily telegraphed you’ll see it coming long before the heroine does).


Still, it isn’t the overall plot that matters so much in a story like this and more the characters and enjoying their journey. On that, this anime has done an excellent job. The characters might all be types we’ve seen before but they aren’t lazily done and the interactions between the art club and the film club are pretty entertaining.


There’s also some actual progress in the main relationship even if it does seem like things will derail a little bit next week.


A very cute story continuing to quietly tell its story and do it well enough. Those who just want a romance will definitely enjoy (at least from the first two episodes).

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Karandi James.


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