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While this episode is an improvement on last week the show is very much stretching things out as far as they can go. Kakeru and Naho still aren’t ‘dating’, just walking home together, giving each other significant looks and becoming unreasonably jealous when other people interact with the other. Naho’s friends are completely ‘supporting’ her but I’m pretty sure most of what they do this episode is what normal people would consider intrusive meddling. I don’t think this episode is any worse than any of the earlier ones but I do think my patience has run thin which is making it all a little harder to deal with. They either need to move forward or something new has to happen other than the two main characters awkwardly circling one another.

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11 thoughts on “Orange Episode 9

  1. Yes! I agree with this so much! I’m tired of the awkwardness. We get it… they are shy, confused, and Kakeru is afraid of hurting Naho. When I first started Orange I was extremely interested in the plot (and I still am) but this whole constantly being nervous and surprised by one another is distracting. Honestly, I don’t think they are meant to actually end up together. IMO, Suwa and Naho are still meant to be together. I’m even wondering if Suwa mentioned to himself (in his letter) that he will one day marry Naho, so be patient now. Who knows

    1. My interest in the plot is definitely taking a nose dive because it’s just too frustrating at this point. I really like the first few episodes but now it’s just too much.

  2. Totally agreed. Some great scenes (the “is once enough?” handholding scene and the Kakeru’s isolation scene in particular), but not enough to save my frustration with the main pair. You can’t call it unrealistic for them to tiptoe around each other constantly, but it’s just not interesting AS AN ENTIRE SHOW.

    Throughout Orange, I feel my brain often moves faster than the story. I can’t count how many times I thought they started dating already but it turns out they didn’t. And this episode, with the letter detailing how Kakeru wanted to share an umbrella with Naho, makes me wonder how anything is actually different from the other timeline. The show did make a point earlier to show how the current timeline is deviating so far that the letters are not as helpful anymore, but here we are: same umbrella situation, same emotions at play. Slight hyperbole, but HAVE WE PRACTICALLY ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING? Maybe that’s the hidden message of the show: no matter how hard you try, some things can’t be changed (and that includes awkward protracted romance).

    Nevertheless, I still have hope that future episodes will go somewhere or be interesting. And I hope the production quality stops imploding too:

    1. It really does feel like no matter what they do we end right back on the original timeline because those letter are still creepily accurate.

      1. The Directing and storyboard are done by the same guy that did Steins;Gate. If you can’t cross the 1% divergence, the world line won’t shift!

        I am similarly frustrated by Naho and Kakeru, but one thing that I think they tried to portray at the end of the episode is that Kakeru needs to find a reason for himself to keep on living. We saw that he’s questioning whether he feels okay about Naho dating someone else. Maybe if he convinces himself that his relationship with Naho is more important than his grief over his mother, he’ll never decide to end his life.

        1. I think ANN summed up Kakeru’s situation best: “While Kakeru is smitten with Naho, he’s also very cautious about pursuing her, because his harsh life has led him to not trust in stability. While he likes her and probably has the natural confidence to pursue her otherwise, he also has strict personal guidelines about what level of commitment might make him uncomfortable.”

          So I personally wouldn’t use your exact wording (saying that Kakeru needs to choose between Naho and his mother). I think it’s more like Kakeru needs to find the self-confidence to be an active agent in his life and do what makes himself happy. Right now, he doesn’t trust any avenue that could make him happy (ex: Suwa likes Naho too – don’t want to intrude!), so basically everyone else is trying to make him have faith in his relationship with Naho in order to rescue him. Maybe that’s what you were saying, so sorry in advance if I went overboard.

          But yeah there’s more going on with Kakeru than with Naho right now – still some intrigue with his character (and Suwa too). Call me a monster, but I’d like to see what happens when Kakeru finds out the truth about his friends’ time traveling antics. Anyway since we’re getting closer to the end, the show will pull something off I’m sure.

          1. No worries about going overboard. That is what I meant, but I didn’t say it clearly, so thank you for expounding 😛 . Naho’s letters were all about making sure she does things which would make Kakeru happy, but the others are beginning to realize Kakeru has to take a part in his own happiness too, and perhaps that means realizing what Naho means to him and fighting for her.

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