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Oh-no, Kakeru collapsed. Is this foreshadowing that the future is fixed regardless of actions taken by our group of plucky friends? Well, don’t expect an answer to that this episode. Instead we have plot contrivance at its worst when 6 students are picked for a relay team with Kakeru chosen for the anchor. Why six students on a relay team? So that our core group of friends can all volunteer to swap places with the chosen students and we can have an all friends team. Yay! That is probably the worst development yet in this story. Couple that with Naho not understanding basic body language (boy you like holds out his hand, boy wants to hold hand) and mostly you end up with a frustrating viewing experience. Admittedly, the others finally admit they also got letters. Come on Orange, you’ve done better than this up until now. Don’t derail this close to the end of the season.

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4 thoughts on “Orange Episode 8

  1. Yeah, this was the episode that made me think about dropping the show. The show is really stretching the “will they won’t they” between Naho and Kakeru, even though I thought it was already resolved last episode. Super frustrating. The plot contrivance you mentioned was a little weird, but the sentiment it was going for worked well enough for me.

    But the reveal that everyone else also got the letters didn’t make very much sense to me (although admittedly it was expected). With Suwa there was at least some build up to the reveal. But this? And the whole “Naho needs to trust in her friends” angle would have been more significant if her friends didn’t know about the future imo.

    At first I didn’t think story would continue to be interesting, especially with Naho’s friends making things easier. But, there’s 5 episodes left, which means the road to saving Kakeru may even be tougher from here on out. There’s still enough potential, even though this episode was kind of a turnoff.

    1. I definitely feel this show is taking a turn for the worse at this point. It started so strong on a clear emotional journey and now it is kind of getting lost.

  2. ive seen ppl saying that the “group supporting Naho” is a great theme or whatever, but isnt it a little sad that everyone got these letters without knowing if anyone else got one and yet Naho was forced to be the person that actually did things?

  3. The ending was the worst part about this episode: it felt like nothing really happened so when it ended I felt unsatisfied. At least it’ll keep me coming back for more. XD

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