Orange Episode 7


Episode 7 brings us a wonderfully emotional episode. Early on you just can’t help but wonder why Suwa would show Naho his letter only to have left the last part of it at home. It becomes clearer as the episode continues, but it still makes you wonder why Naho didn’t find that suspicious. The low point of the episode is the continued high school drama as Naho continues to be bullied by Kakeru’s ex and continues to fail to stand up for herself. The ending is really solid and quite affective except that Naho is definitely coming off second best to Suwa in terms of actually changing things or even just articulating them. All and all, Orange continues to be a pleasant drama but its feeling more and more like tragedy is inevitable. Maybe they just want us to feel that before switching it up or maybe we really are in for a tragic ending, either way I’m watching this all the way through to find out what happens to these characters.

Orange is available on Crunchyroll.

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