Orange Episode 5


It’s nice to see Naho finally thinking things through and wondering about the ramifications of altering the past (even if that thought process was triggered by a pretentious science teacher). Also good to see her finally attempt being a little proactive even if the results weren’t what she had hoped. Still just going to point out that she really should just read the whole letter and then make her own choices without continually referring back to it.

What I really like is the relationship being developed between Kakeru and Suwa as they are clearly friends but also both aware that they both like the same girl. In honesty, that’s probably the biggest appeal of the show at the moment is how to resolve this relationship. We know future Naho is with Suwa but she regrets Kakeru’s death. This show remains pleasant enough if a little slow moving and I’m quite enjoying its relaxed atmosphere.

Orange is available on Crunchyroll.

4 thoughts on “Orange Episode 5

  1. I thought the whole time travel lecture in this episode was pretty interesting! No one messes with Naho on Suwa’s watch! 😀

    1. It just felt so tacky the teacher diverging from whatever they were supposed to be doing to give a min-lecture on timetravel. I mean, half the class zoned out and he just kept prattling on.

  2. Wow. Been busy playin’ video games and I totally forgot to check for new episodes. Seems like a good episode judging by your review. Gonna watch it later.

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