Orange Episode 4


I just have to say it: Naho is an idiot.

Other than that, I’m actually still really enjoying this show. It’s slow but the characters are refreshing and while it’s just one bit of teen drama after another (with a darker future for one of the teens thrown in our face at least once an episode) they aren’t being melodramatic. I’m kind of enjoying the steady pace and the relationships that are being revealed and developed.

Still, Naho is an idiot. She’s indecisive to the point of being painful and Kakeru couldn’t have been more obvious in this episode as she’s still clueless. What Kakeru finds interesting about her is a complete and utter mystery.

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5 thoughts on “Orange Episode 4

  1. I completely agree, ahh Naho – she spent an entire episode freaking out about giving him a lunch box! Hopefully she’ll get better in the next few episodes ._.

  2. So, you’re watching it too.. Great.! But..Well, this episode is somewhat “dull”. Gonna post my own review to this episode too later on. Ja!

    1. I can see your point about it being a bit dull this week, but I kind of expected that at this time of season. I’m still invested enough to want to see where they are going that it didn’t bother me so much. Although, if this style of cliche teen drama becomes the norm I may need to take a break from this.

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